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Many stars are forming within the galaxy.

Better be half hanged than ill wed.

The child got on an airplane in good mood.

You look puffy.

I come from Taipei.

Mann doesn't know what this is called in English.

I don't translate for you!

Stacey was the only girl wearing jeans.

If you stuff the box too full, the bottom will fall out.

Let's get Serdar's opinion first.

Deborah resigned last Monday.

You can ask her yourself.

We should provide against fires.


William will always be an outsider.

My mother is a sister of their mother.

Am I the only one who thought Ira would be late?

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You don't need that, do you?

The thunderstorm produced a lot of lightning.

I think it's going to be fun.

I need a pencil.

I'd like you to meet my brother, Molly.

I brought the Georgian textbook back to Emily.

These flowers are dying.

It sounds like you still love Nick.

Lana liked it immediately.

There seem to be lots and lots of stars.

Have a nice sleep!

"One swell foop" is a Spoonerism, "the flaw in the ointment" is a Farberism.

Driving is a good holiday pastime.

I bought a new suit.

We have to try to do away with the stigma behind many of society's ills. Shaming will only make things worse.

A stoat is as cute an animal as it is deadly.

I see no other course of action.

I've never actually been alone.

He is going like the devil.


Will the ice bear our weight?

I don't want you looking over my shoulder.

I finally caught my breath five minutes after I finished the footrace.


She seems to be a diehard fan of this author. She even has his anthologies where all he did was collect short stories.


I couldn't stop myself.

You got away with it.

I'm not rich enough to buy cheap stuff.


Let's start over again.

I didn't think it polite to listen, sir.

First John put on his coat, and then he picked up his hat.


I've found an apartment.

I'm supposed to meet Manjeri at 2:30.

When it comes to my turn to speak, I confuse the words 'standard' and 'common', and end up saying that the north-eastern accent is 'the most common'.

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You're going to have to do better to convince me of that.


I'll get them ready.

He is the very man I want.

Let's see if Harold can do that without any help.

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He stayed up all night reading a novel.

How nice

Are these Moe's notes?

He's Argentinean and he gives tennis lessons.

I was unwilling to agree to the proposal, but it seemed that I had no choice.

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The car bumper absorbed some of the impact.


I ate caviar.

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How long are you going to stay in Japan?

Ask for the moon and I shall wrest it from the heavens.

They majored in literature at the university.

Bob became a minister.

These shoes belong to him.


That's it for today.


We're trying to staff our factory with good workers.

Floyd nodded reluctantly.

You're bound to succeed in the long run.

Seeing that it is late, we should go home.

Raymond painted a portrait of his mother.


The Muslims call Jesus "Issa".

Take the book that has been left on the table.

I think that was one of the best movies I've ever seen.

She dreamed of becoming a nurse.

Frank passed away several years ago.


Don't give this to anybody.

You can take as much as you want.

I should tell her.

Mongo is out of control, you know.

You won't regret it!

The destruction of the environment is appalling.

I'm happy to be here again.


You're naive.

To catch the bull, grab its horns.

Summer begins early in my country.

Here is a scary story for you.

I got the engine going.

The rule requires that theses be written in English.

He doesn't remember me anymore.

The advent of the euro is the beacon for the new millennium.

This sentence sounds good and is grammatically correct.

Recently, the number of foreigners working or studying in Japan has increased.

Will you still help me?

Drew certainly can't become a member of our club.

We've got a chance.

I am!

My secretary said it was urgent.

It is you who doesn't understand!

The weather in Florida is generally moderate.

I took him out for a walk.

Please play the violin.

The food at the party wasn't very good, was it?

Who saw the funeral today?

I'd do anything to protect you.

The Japanese are as hardworking as any people in the world.


I'm going to drive Carole there myself.

Scary movies will frighten the children.

Catherine stayed indoors because it was raining.

I really feel for you.

Sherri is a keeper.

Ahmet looked out the window at the sky.

Are you kidding, or are you serious?

You should not discriminate against people because of their sex.

It was a beautiful evening.

Raja's eyesight isn't as good as it used to be.

Since it was so hot, we went swimming.

Sanjib added a few finishing touches to the painting.

Now I feel the same.

Every dream comes at a price.

Skeeter took off for home.

Now that she has quit her job, we can't depend on her.

A man who is absorbed in his work looks animated.

The lawyer believed in his client's innocence.

I need this job.

Can you think of anyone who would've wanted to kill Reiner?

He's not much better than a beggar.


I'll take your word on that.

Nordic Combined is held as a combination of two events, ski-jump and cross-country ski.

Can you show me where I am on this map?

Several things need to change.

Are you practical?

You should get your car fixed.

He was absolved of his sin.

Someone broke the lock and stole my bike.

Kathryn is OK now.

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What on Earth is this?

Urgent business has called him away.

Argentinian grapes for five reals a box!

Rees didn't recognize Robert.

Speaking of Mr. Tanaka, have you seen him lately?

Why don't you try to get some rest?

I hadn't recognized the importance of this document until you told me about it.

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When my left nostril is blocked, I breathe through my right nostril.


They met on the beach.

We've come to get you out of here.

I have no idea who it was.

He is not altogether wrong.

None of the food was left.

We all know what we owe to our country. The tax department lets us know.

Three pages have been torn out.


Let them do all the talking.

The point is it's not funny.

Food will be available.

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"Here's the Robert's reply." "You mean Robert's?" "No, it's the Robert. There's only one."

We're never going to find him.

Sherman keeps secrets.

Cyrus got a job at one of the local farms.

Apparently, Knut wasn't in Boston long.

Maria said to herself, "I am very lucky."

There exists only one option now.

A total solar eclipse, or a complete blocking out of the Sun's light, can only be seen by those who live in the area covered by the umbra. People who live in the area of the Earth covered by the penumbra will see a partial eclipse.

Tovah is my boy.

I've just let slip that he is sick.

Right here is where we need to search.


Lincoln set out to abolish slavery in the United States.

Is there a clock in one of the rooms?

They headed westward.


Jiri is still in Boston.


He wanted the money back.

I am still keeping up my tennis craze.

I suggest you hurry.