Is it true that you dated Sonja in high school?

Ross's budget contained a lot of guesstimates.

What should I do if Lenora comes?

The number of visitors that he mentioned is very much exaggerated: there were a maximum of around one hundred people present.

Where did you go last Sunday?

Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name. Your Kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as in heaven Give us today our daily bread. Forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sin against us. Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

The days are longer than the nights.

Aren't you glad you don't have to do this?

She ardently loves him.

The Americans are a democratic people.

The towel is in the bathroom.

What can you say in English?

We'll keep in touch.

The former president of the United States is the only American who knows the president of every country.

Jussi was committed to an institution for the insane.

Don't worry about him, he's all words.

Let's get ready for school.

This is non-negotiable.

She is a very feminine person.

Why don't you just fire Raanan?

I tried to keep track of his declaration.

Pascal cheated on the exam.


I can't bear to look at them.

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Naim is pretty good at singing.

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Sergeant told me that he saw someone kissing Seth.


I should clean up.


Isn't it beautiful?

I just don't want you to get upset.

What would you do in my position?


It's all right with him.

Mechael sells T-shirts at a 30 percent discount.

Why should Shatter care?

I don't want to risk missing the last train of the day.

I can't drive myself home.

Stevan biked 30 km to the store to buy strawberries for his pregnant wife.

Although the phrase "world peace" sounds attractive, the road to world peace is very long and full of troubles.


Note that this theorem does not assume the existence of such an object.

They seized him and took him to Fort Monroe, Virginia.

I may be helping to bring harmony between people through my music.

Yesterday I got up early.

She and I are brother and sister.

Luke told his boss that Panzer wouldn't be coming to work that day.

He likes dancing, much more music.

Have you ever listened to such a good music?

There are more stars in the sky than I can count.

Democracy is the government of the people, by the people, for the people.

It is a sin to steal even a pin.

I'm untalented.

Joel spends every weekend in Boston.

Rarely does he go out on Sunday.

What do you think the audience wants?

Do you want to help me or not?

People used to live in villages.

Today I feel much better.

Pradeep and Sue love each other.

I have no talent for politics.

I know that's not how it really is.

Could you be quiet? I have to get up early and go to work.

The elderly have many stories to tell.

Is that what Brenda says?

Listen, he doesn't know what he says.

We have some encouraging news.

This chair is yours.

I don't know for certain whether Bryce will swim or not.

He went to the barber shop.

Nothing is routine.

I was recently in an automobile accident.

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One out of 455 women doesn't realize she's pregnant until the twentieth week of pregnancy.

We graduate from high school at eighteen.

Let's sue her.

I'm sorry, I can't hear you.

How do you think people get famous anymore?

Do what Terrence says.

I will never translate something for free.


At last, they reached the top of the mountain.


Erick turned down Carsten's advances.

It is related to the fact that ...

Christopher has a cough.

We're incorrect.

Are you planning to help them?

We're still looking for them.

That'll be nice.

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Tomorrow's dress rehearsal starts at one o'clock.

These pencils need sharpening.

Richard is very proud of both his son and his daughter.

That aurora was really magnificent.

Her bold plan seemed to be too difficult, but before long it proved to be practicable.


He who loves danger, shall perish in it.

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I have given up on that case.

I wish Billy were here with us.

I think Guillermo is hiding something from Kaj.

There's a lot to be told.

I need you to find him.

He has a headache.

My good friend, Kitty, convinced me to go to Boston.

Let me buy bread.

They had to promise to join the Roman Catholic Church.

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Don't flatter yourself.

I suggest we swim across the river.

Can you hold on for a second?


I'll meet you where we always meet.

You shouldn't have talked to Ernst.

Oh, what have I done? What have I done?

Let's master example sentences and the make-up of text by dictation.

I'm afraid Margaret is dead.

Bret is motivated, isn't he?

I was playing here.

She was on the verge of killing herself.

What seems to be the problem, officer?

I saw Mr Yamada at Shinjuku Station this morning.

Are people becoming wiser?

Dan went to his hotel room.

You're doing it now.

If I don't do it now, I never will.

A woman can be oblivious to a hundred things you did well, and point out only the things at which you failed.

I'm not as rich as you are.

It's because you're an idiot.

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Many families left to make a new life on the frontier.

You name a price!

We'll help you, okay?

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She was trying to figure out what just happened.

It was unpredictable.

Everything was fine until Gregor started drinking.

Fletcher noticed the bracelet on Philip's arm.

Vassos held out a chair.

Stop hanging out with losers.

Did he say anything about it to you?


He remained silent during the meeting.

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Kinch is after me.


I am very anxious to know why he did such a thing.

Who are you looking for?

Take your shoes off before you come into the room.

Ning held out his glass.

I realize how frustrated you must be.

Stevan grabbed his coat and headed for the door.

Do you get enough sleep?


He hid behind the door.

Miss Caifeng wants to teach me Chinese.

Juliet chopped down the branch with an ax.

The boss threatened to fire me.

Can I get you a cup of coffee, sir?

Er, well, I'd like to take a vote. Would people in favour of Mr Ogawa's proposition please raise their hands.

She likes painting pictures.

Radek saves about 30% of what he earns.

Kamel isn't generous.


Angus told me he was not at all interested in going to the museum with us.

Everyone around here likes me.

They said it was exactly what the president wanted.

He is very busy writing stories.

They close the door at five.

I never thought I'd have so much fun.

You're a true friend.


Could you give us a moment?

This theory will bear examination.

I don't care what anybody says.

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Come on, let's not distract Huey from his work.

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He used so much inflated language in his speech today I couldn't figure out what he was saying.

My father gave it to me when I was little.

I'm furious at you, Anita.

I have nowhere else to turn.

Life means nothing without friends.

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Have you heard about Occupy Wall Street?


Piotr mispronounces many words.

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she has quietly in the clasroom


I have a pain in my little toe.

I love you, there's just no spark.

He and his sisters are currently living in Tokyo.

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We're trying to prevent forest fires.

Betty told me where he hid the stolen diamonds.

Do you want that? If so, I'll buy it for you.