Dawson left Joachim alone with John.

Ramon's pillow is pink and has a picture of a fairy on it.


Pontus wasn't convinced it was a good idea.

I'm planning to drive to Boston next weekend.

Sundaresan hadn't expected Loyd to come so early in the morning.

I am very much pleased with my new maid.

This is an energetic man.


Malus was surprised by something he saw.

Harold looked embarrassed.

This country's roads are the most dangerous in the world.


All right. Please order them.

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The reason for unemployment must be sought elsewhere.

It's a risk we'll have to take.

Bryce comes from the southern part of France.


Can he be trusted?

I couldn't think of anything appropriate to say.

Marguerite will go to Boston next month.

Tell him hi for me.

Ken will work as an area manager for this convenience store starting this Spring.

You've seen this before, I can tell.

Has something changed?


Roger and Gill played table tennis together.

"Can" is the right word to express ability and "May" to ask for permission.

"Where did you two meet?" "We met on a trip through the Carpathians, and we immediately fell in love with each other."


We ignored him.


We're still confused about that.


I need a glue stick.


They're awfully close.

He fell victim to his own ambition.

If you win, you are in the right, but if you lose, you are in the wrong.

Nichael makes a lot of money translating menus for restaurants.

Tandy is never coming home again, is he?

You don't want to sleep?

Bush never wanted to harm anyone.

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Strictly speaking, a tomato is a fruit.

I'm not letting you go.

Do you know who invented gunpowder?


We don't want to go to your wedding.

Saify finally figured out what he'd been doing wrong.

The apple is not on the table.

His salary was increased by ten percent.

Can I say something?

Owen did as I told him.

My wife is a physician.


The accident wasn't your fault.


He's just a daydreamer.

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My doctor has an excellent bedside manner.

I've tried to reason with her.

On the last page, Wes wrote: "The ship is sinking."

Can I get my ears pierced?

All planes have wings.

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I buy the goods at $3 a dozen.

Oh, how the Tree trembled!

Make the new guy do it.


Don't be absurd.


He wishes to buy a valuable jewel for his daughter.

There's something I wish to say.

Please ask her not to shout.

I want you to listen to what I have to say.

I told him I couldn't do it.

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We just need to be creative.


Do me a favor and take these suitcases down to the basement.

No one wanted to play with Tango except the little boy because Tango stinks.

I will not accept the gifts.

Japan is an island country, and it consists of four main islands.

We like stories.

He ran fast so as to catch the bus.

My grandfather loved reading.

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Bob looks down on his brother for not being good at sports.

That usually doesn't happen.

The room was as still as the grave.


It happened that I was free last Sunday.

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How were they killed?

There was a deer in the road.

Art is long, time is fleeting.


They skied all day long.

Now, I really have to get going.

Luke said he was sorry.

Why don't you go watch TV while I cook dinner?

I don't enjoy eating ice cream during the winter.

We've been fighting every night.

Feed the bird.


I'm getting bad vibes from him.


The company has decided to sell some of its money-losing units.


Sharp's the word!

I didn't even know Jeff and Carlos used to be married to each other.

Don't worry, I didn't buy them.

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We won't be able to escape punishment this time.


He got his wife to mend his shirt.

Give! Giiive!!!

Graham may have told Gail about it.

What a beautiful city!

The company's president makes a conclusion.


Kit and Beverly started kissing.

I admit, I'm not the tidiest person in the world.

I spoke to Bernie myself.


He cancelled the meeting at the last minute.


Dani waited for Alfred at the station.


Can you help me out?


What did Rolf drink?


This flower is as beautiful as any in the garden.

It's certain.

Do me a favour and shut up!


Jong applauded.

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I'm getting sleepy again.


I do not think it will rain tomorrow.

She ended up looking for a different kitten.

Did they sign?

Toufic and Lindsay are very close to each other.

Is Dalton still working for you?


Someone named Henry said he wants to meet with you.

High-ranking Chinese and American officials met repeatedly to discuss the development of ties between the two countries.

Dieter seems to be totally confused.

You're not Lars's type.

Darren spends all his time studying.

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Grace was kept under sedation throughout the procedure.


What's wrong with that one?

Roxanne put the key in the lock and paused a moment before he turned it.

He said he regretted what had happened.


Now give attention to what I am going to say.

It's not polite to stare at people.

Fritz had a difficult job.

After polishing his shoes, Tolerant brushed his teeth and combed his hair.

The guide led us to the hotel.


There's a fire downtown.

Olof asked Judith if she knew John.

Did you solve the problem?

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My plan was rejected.


Rod looked perfectly fine.

How about another piece of cake?

Edith speaks Irish English.


That black bird is not a blackbird.


I'm going to go give my shoes to the cobbler.

Your mother will probably object to your climbing the mountain.

Many thanks for this wonderful trip.

The desert had its own music.

I've been hanging out with them.


I'm not sure what I want to do.

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Less than a week after school started, Sean already had a hundred friends.

Do you want to go to jail?

God forbid!


Shankar and his friends drank a lot of beer last night.

The chemical symbol of scandium is Sc.

You sure are lazy, aren't you?

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Konrad said Kris's perfume reminded him of his mother.

One day she and I visited an old friend.

Sridhar sat across from Kristian, his ex-girlfriend.


I think he should have apologized to the teacher.