This is a big decision.

He will be waiting for you when you get there.

I have very heavy periods.


She can leave tomorrow.


You ought to have known that he was sick in bed.

Lorenzo seemed anxious.

He was too tired to walk any farther.


He keeps his griefs, sorrows, ambitions and most of his real opinions to himself.


We're not safe here any longer.


I love the way you and Ami work together.

How long did he live in Ankara?

You don't understand British humour.

He's in the kitchen preparing food.

He knocked on the door, then came in.


He fell down in the mountain.


Can I borrow your computer?

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They joined the navy after finishing college.

Call the operator at 104 then.

Microwaves penetrate the food in the oven.


You just need to practice.

Are you telling me Irwin doesn't have a chance?

It seems to me that I have it all.


Many criminals in the United States are addicted to drugs.

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I almost didn't do that.

He thinks himself better than other people.

What did you bring for us?

Donovan tried to open the door, but he was not able to.

The black and white dog bit me.

I wrote Turkeer a letter.

It'll cost you 2,000 pesetas.




An accident delayed us for half an hour.

You have such a wonderful eye for detail.

Donal's grades are much better than Malaclypse's.

They have a lot of potential.

You should talk directly to Louise.


Are you having fun yet?

Himawan started retreating.

Cats don't like to get wet.

I bought this for my father.

Would someone please wake me up at 2:30?


I've already considered that plan.


We'll call them.

Keeping a diary also gives us a chance to reflect on our daily life.

He opened the door, only to find the room empty.

I translated what Linder wrote.

William was arrested by the police.


Before eating anything, you should wash your hands.

Three months before Laurel was to graduate from college, he died.

She closed her eyes.


Sigurd threw a big party at his house while his parents were away on vacation.

All eight prisoners were found guilty.

The exchange of goods and services between the two countries is on the rise.


This tradition originates from China.


My aim is to learn enough English so I don't need to carry a dictionary with me when I travel.

I'm not staying.

What the hell was he thinking?

You've become old and stubborn.

Might makes right.


I had a talk with her.


He who loves much does not forgive easily.


Is Herman still playing?

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Death preferable to shame.

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Money is the only god of the new world order.

Neville is older and wiser now.

How did you figure that out?


Our rival was an honest, competitive person as well.

I was going to vote for him.

Benjamin hasn't been helpful at all.

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It started to rain at four o'clock in the morning.


High moral character is not a precondition for great moral accomplishments.

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He is lacking in common sense.

I'll make some peanut butter.

It was very strange.


She was very mad and went to talk with the school manager.

He had no chance to visit us.

I had to start from the beginning, and I didn't like that at all.

Thank you very much for sending me such a nice present.

Mick couldn't have done it.

We were running out of disk space due to a configuration issue.

Saul was wearing a seat belt.


My name is Yatarou.

He was engaged in biological research.

Does the term self-preservation mean anything to you?

Could you come to my office when you have a moment?

How do you make this soup?

She looked in at the show window.

You should get Mark to tell you the joke he told me yesterday.

Brandy looked through his stuff.

If these muscles are weak, they cannot hold the kneecap in the correct position


I don't like pineapple. It smells pretty sour.

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I read through the novel.


Hey, what's going on here?


I want everything in order by this time tomorrow.


The chicken feed I get for a salary is good for nothing.

Do you want some help or not?

He had no friend to help him.

His logic is in no way defensible.

We've been lucky, I think.

We waited till 2:30.

I don't accept it.


Eating vegetarian doesn't just mean leaving out meat.


Cold water, please.

Whose things are those?

A good horse does not graze where it has trodden.

Your friends from Boston are more than welcome to come to my party tonight, too.

Bruce didn't do well on today's test.


In certain situations, inferences are needed.


The time-bomb exploded with a loud noise.

He tried to brave it out while held as a hostage.

You learn to appreciate your health when you are ill.

That's their business.

I thought you said you couldn't draw.

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I'd really like to get something to drink.

The chain of crimes are thought to have been committed by the same man.

The home shapes the identity.

Lester should be here by the end of the day.

Football is communal in Brazil

I watch television before I study.

I wish there were thousands of sentences in every minority language in Tatoeba.

I'm getting fed up with social justice warriors.

Your work didn't come up to our expectations.


I have a surprise for Charles.

We have to get Srinivasan to a hospital.

The jury is still out.

New Year's arriving.

Shai is running around with the wrong crowd.

Don't run around the house.

Someone will be with you in a moment.

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What should I bring?


Don't be fooled by his good looks.

The mind is the king and the mind is the subject.

How many sisters do you have? How many brothers?

Fate shuffles the cards; we play.

What exercise is to the body, reading is to the mind.

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Mariou made a decision.

Your shoes don't go with that outfit.

Taro enjoys the confidence of the president.

This is all I've got.

Please wake me at six.


We have to find it before Harris does.

On the way to London Mr Higgins told Sharada and Susie many interesting things.

He does not look happy.

That cloth is very rough.

Griff opened the bag and knew that it wasn't his.

Give peace a chance!

I'm overwhelmed with all this much work.


The more guests there are, the more difficult it is to keep a surprise party secret.


That doll is scary.

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I thought you could help us.