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If you want a stunning vacation memory that will stay with you forever, then our PREMIUM El Cielo Snorkeling Tour is for YOU, because …

The Day You Visit This ‘Heaven On Earth’ Will Be Seared Into Your Memory Forever!

The Spanish name, ‘El Cielo’, translates into English as ‘Heaven on Earth’ and never was a location more aptly named.

Not only is this the most beautiful part of Cozumel’s Marine Park, it is also within a closely protected area. Because of that, it absolutely teems with a rich variety of marine life - in stark contrast to the relatively barren reefs which most of the snorkeling tours have to settle for, with far fewer fish and other species.

But we are in a privileged elite as one of the very few licensed operators to fulfill the very strict ecological demands by operating ultra eco-friendly boats and thus are allowed to enter the restricted marine life rich protected area forming Cozumel’s underwater wonderland – The Marine Park - in our glass-bottomed boats.

Hi … my name is Alberto Novelo and I and my close family have been providing snorkeling tours in Cozumel for well over 20 years. During that time, we have delighted multiple thousands of snorkelers, many of whom return again and again and have become firm friends.

Folks like Carol Bell from Lincoln, Nebraska …

Carol​ ​Bell
Lincoln, NE. USA


When we arrived at our meeting point just across the street from our cruise pier we were welcomed as if we were family and immediately boarded the boat and the fun began right away.

We snorkeled two reefs to see amazing marine life and the grand finale was a place called El Cielo, the most beautiful place in the world.

When I'm back on the island I'll be booking again. Thanks Alberto and Pancho for a fabulous time.

January 2019

So you will enjoy an exceptional El Cielo Snorkeling tour that is second to none...

As part of our Premium Service our Boats are all Glass-Bottomed with ample shade and plenty of comfortable seating...

So if you can’t swim (or simply don’t want to get wet) you will still enjoy the glorious sights in the crystal clear tropical waters below the boat from the comfort of your seat, shaded from the sun, with a cold drink at your elbow.

And if you are planning on snorkeling, then, during the short trip to the reefs, our guide will demonstrate exactly how to use the snorkeling equipment and how to snorkel for maximum comfort and safety.

Unlike many snorkeling companies operating out of Cozumel, we supply a brand new snorkel tube, free of charge, for your exclusive use.

So you can be confident that you – AND ONLY YOU – will have had this tube in your mouth. After your trip we carefully dispose every tube in a totally eco-friendly way.

What’s more the $6USD cost of these tubes plus the $4USD fee to enter the protected Marine Park and your beach party meal and drinks on the ‘El Cielo’ sandbar are all included in the basic fee for your awesome day.

Every boat Captain and Snorkeling Guide (mostly my uncles and cousins) are Certified Snorkeling Guides and Speak excellent English, so your spectacular trip won’t be spoilt by having to struggle to understand what they are saying.

In fact, that is one risk you really cannot afford to take.

Because – in situations like this, when safety must be paramount – it’s vital you immediately understand every word your crew says, without a second’s doubt or hesitation.

What’s more, because this is a family business – not staffed by disinterested employees – every single member of my family is dedicated to making your snorkeling trip a memory you will cherish.

When you slip gently into the warm, crystal clear tropical water, you’ll enter a different world of turquoise colored silence with the wonderful feeling of weightlessness – just as if you were flying.

Anna and boyfriend taking the sun very excited in El Cielo Cozumel.

And, if this is your first time snorkeling in these protected waters, you’ll be stunned at the sheer volume and variety of the colorful tropical fish swimming among the impressive reefs of both hard and soft coral. We encourage this desirable state of affairs by feeding the fish!

If you strike lucky, you might enjoy breathtaking glimpses of Sea Turtles, graceful Rays swimming by and even a Clawless Lobster.

The lion’s share of the most spectacular reefs in the Cozumel area (about 70%) lie within this protected Marine Park area and thus out of reach to the majority of tourists who have to settle for a second best experience.

That includes the limited amount of marine life they see, the jam-packed boats carrying 20+ people (some of which might not even have a glass bottom) and the crowded nature of the whole experience with all the unlicensed craft clustered around this limited area of the reefs making it difficult to snorkel without bumping into other swimmers.

Naturally, you simply do not get the sheer quantity and range of fish and other marine life you’ll find in the exclusive protected area of the Marine Park.

But, because we are one of the very few businesses who have invested in the high quality glass-bottomed boats, with the latest environmentally friendly engines, to meet the very strict ecological requirements needed to preserve this marine wonderland, you will enjoy a spectacular trip of a lifetime with us.

Marie very excited to see El Cielo Cozumel during a snorkeling tour.

Absolutely no overcrowding – ever!

So determined are we to ensure you enjoy the best possible experience on this wonderful day, we strictly limit our 22 person capacity boats to a maximum of 12 passengers.

This means we can give each and every one of you the personal attention you deserve as our VIP guests, particularly if this is your first time swimming underwater.

Robert Harris
Traverse City, MI. USA


Alberto was a great guide, very positive, funny, energetic and a great diver. He pointed out stingrays, conches, sea cucumbers, starfish, and many types of colorful fish.

The water is gorgeous and the reefs are amazing.

Pancho was a skilled boat driver.

We saw another boat with over 20 people on the snorkel trip and I was relieved to be on a trip that was more attentive and organized.

Alberto also sent me pics from the trip since I did not bring an underwater camera. I recommend bringing an underwater camera since there is so much to see.

I wouldn't hesitate to book a trip with these guys again! Thank you! Highly recommended!

January 2019

And, if you’re in a party of 10 or more, it gets even better!

Because I’ll be delighted to give you a FREE upgrade to a totally private boat trip where you’ll enjoy all the facilities and comforts of our standard PREMIUM boats – with the added benefit that you won’t be sharing your boat with anyone else.

You can also choose to start your trip at your desired time rather than the regular start time of 9:30 am. or 11:00am

There is no extra charge for this – you simply have to select this option when making your booking.

Nervous about snorkeling for the first time?

So was Christine Morgan and her party from Fairview, Illinois. Read what happened next …

Christine​ ​Morgan
Fairview, IL. USA


As it was the first time we’d snorkeled, we were a bit nervous. But from the moment we stepped on his boat, all apprehensions subsided.

Such a caring, fun and upbeat crew to be with on his boat. Laughter was constant and drinks were plentiful! Alberto and his crew consistently ensured that we were comfortable, laughing and well taken care of.

Another crew member was constantly taking pictures so that we could solely enjoy the snorkeling experience.

El Cielo Tours was great in every way. Their website, their responsiveness, and especially the owner/guide Alberto, who was just outstanding.

January 2019

And Steve Edwards from Dallas, Texas was pleased with how we helped the member of his party who had never snorkeled before ...


I just want to say what a great time we had with Alberto and his crew.

The weather was fantastic and the water just as amazing as I remembered from last year.

This was one friend’s first time snorkeling, so Pancho stayed with her the whole time and made sure she was safe.

We saw a shark, ray and sea turtle among a lot of other beautiful fish.

At El Cielo the guacamole was delicious as were the Coronas. I totally recommend this if you like to snorkel and have a great time.

January 2019

Steve​ ​Edwards
Dallas, TX. USA

And if you need help – you’ve got it …

Janet​ ​Evans
Green Bay, WI. USA


Once we arrived at our first reef, Palancar Gardens, we were properly put into our gear and helped each step of the way.

At one point, Alberto took my hand to lead me to see my first sea turtle swimming along the ocean floor. Other crew members swam along to ensure everyone was safe and together and didn't need any assistance.

If help was needed, it was there immediately, whether adjusting masks or help getting back into the boat.

In summary, you feel comfortable in booking with this company will enjoy your trip!

January 2019

Needless to say, we provide only the very best snorkeling equipment, including high quality, comfortable life vests in all sizes.

Children too!

If you have children of three years or older, then they too can enjoy the experience of a lifetime by snorkeling alongside you, provided they are under your close supervision at all time.

And we welcome infants aged one and upwards, provided they can be cared for by a member of your party, while the rest are snorkeling.

And after snorkeling...

You can relax with a cold beer or soft drink while you admire the stunning views of the Cozumel’s coastline.

The drinks are provided with our compliments.

Then comes the highlight of the day... El Cielo beach

Angel snorkeling to the bottom of the sea and seeing some beautiful starfish on his way.

After you’ve had ample time to enjoy a breathtaking snorkel trip around both the Palancar Gardens Reef and the Colombia Shallow Reef, we travel the short distance to the sandbar of ‘El Cielo’ – ‘Heaven On Earth’ - for our beach party finale!

There you’ll be able to quickly understand why this magical spot is so aptly named as you drink in the magnificent beauty so readily visible in just four feet of beautiful turquoise, crystal clear water.

At the same time your mouth will be watering in anticipation of the feast to come as your guides prepare fresh guacamole for you to savor.

John​ ​Carson
Groveland, MA. USA


Boat was there promptly to pick us up, smiles and good vibes from the crew that knows service is their game.

The ride to the first snorkeling reef was about 20 minutes there we saw turtles, a ray and barracudas.

The second spot was a shallow reef Alberto refers to as his "sacred garden" - kind a cute name for a place.

We ended the tour at "El Cielo" a white sand, sky blue beach where we had great guacamole, fruits, beer and drinks while listening to music, playing on the water and making acquaintances with the rest of the group.

Every day is a good day with Alberto!

January 2019

What sets us apart from other El Cielo tours in Cozumel?

Four important things …

Michelle and her brother enjoying a snorkeling time in El Cielo.

A couple enjoying a snorkeling tour.

  • We are a family run and staffed business - and thus so far more interested in making your day wonderful in a way no employee could ever manage.

  • We are one of the elite few tour companies authorized to visit the most stunning reefs, which are located inside the protected area of the Cozumel Marine Park. That is Palancar Garden Reef, Colombia Shallow Reef, and the famous El Cielo sandbar.

  • Although our boats are designed to safely transport 22 people, we set a limit of 12 passengers, so we can give every one of our VIP guests a five star service and they have ample room to relax on our comfortable seating, which is carefully shaded for your maximum comfort.

  • We not only allow you to bring your infants, aged one and upwards, we also allow your children aged 3 and upwards to snorkel. They must all be supervised by one of your party at all time, however, a member of our crew will also be close at hand when under the water for extra safety.

El Cielo Tour Overview


  • All snorkeling gear (Fins, Goggles, Life Jacket, & Disposable Snorkeling Tube).
  • Softdrinks and beer onboard (Beer, Soda, Purified Water).
  • Fresh Fruit.
  • Guacamole, Salsa (Pico de Gallo), & Chips.
  • Boat ride in our Glass Bottom Boats.
  • Professional and English speaking Snorkel Guides.
  • Snorkeling in 2 reefs in Cozumel's Marine Park (Colombia Reef & Palancar Gardens Reef).
  • Swim Party at Famous El Cielo sandbar.
  • Marine Park conservation fee.


  • Ground transportation from your Cruise Pier or hotel to our meeting point.
  • Ferry transportation when coming from the mainland (Playa del Carmen or Cancun).
  • Gratuities – optional, of course.

El Cielo Snorkeling Tour Highlights:

  • 3 different stops (2 Shallow Reefs + El Cielo sandbar).
  • No previous Snorkeling experience necessary.
  • Instructions and assistance with all aspects of Snorkeling gear and safety.
  • Instructions and assistance with all aspects of Snorkeling gear and safety.
  • Small groups with personal attention.
  • Our meeting point is next door to the Cruise Pier.
  • Yes, our Dive Instructors speak English.
  • Your choice of 2 convenient start times: 9:30am; and 11:00am.
  • Our Trips in two words: No Worries.

The Reefs we go to:

  • Colombia Shallows Reef.
  • Palancar Gardens Reef.
  • El Cielo sandbar.
  • All these are inside Cozumel Marine Park (Protected Area).

A convenient time for all Cruisers & Visitors

You can choose to meet us at...


  • 9:30 am
  • 11:00 am

Your choice of time

  • For Groups of 10 or more people, we offer Private Charter Trips at no extra cost.
  • You get to choose your own depart time.

If you are arriving on a cruise ship, then allow 30 minutes from docking to cover any delay in embarkation.

If you are coming by ferry from Playa del Carmen then allow an hour from when you leave Playa del Carmen for the ferry crossing and getting from the ferry arrival point to our meeting point.

Your tour lasts approximately 4 ½ hours.

Meeting up could not be easier – no matter where you’re coming from ...

We meet at the ‘Marti Sports’ (the ‘Sporting Goods Store’ next door to Hard Rock Cafe), a very well known landmark in Royal Village Shopping Mall Cozumel. That means …

  • Coming in on a Cruise Ship? You’ll arrive at the Cruise Pier, which is just across the street from our meeting point (about 100 yards from both Puerta Maya, and TMM International Cruise Piers).
  • If you are staying on Cozumel: everyone - including the staff at the hotel you’re staying at – knows where the ‘Marti Sports’ (the ‘Sporting Goods Store’ next door to Hard Rock Cafe) is and will happily give you directions. Or you can just hop in a taxi, because all the taxi drivers know the way!
  • Coming from Playa del Carmen? Perfect, because you’ll arrive at the Cozumel Ferry Pier, which is just a few minutes away from our meeting point by taxi (and all the taxi drivers know where the ‘Marti Sports’ is).

Wherever you’re coming from, you’ll receive full directions with your Confirmation Email that will be instantly sent to you when you book your tour.

We meet at 9.30am or 11:00am and the tour lasts approximately 4 ½ hours.

Paul​ ​Bailey
Palm Harbor, FL. USA


These guys definitely live up to the reviews on Trip Advisor.

We arrived in Cozumel and literally just walked 50 yards to our meeting point where these guys were waiting on us.

Pancho, and Alberto did a wonderful job as our guides. We saw sea turtles, many tropical fish and even a baby shark.

After snorkeling, we headed to the one of the most beautiful natural swimming pools on earth, El Cielo, for a pleasantly relaxing time with drinks and fresh guacamole dip made by Pancho and Alberto.

I will definitely recommend to family and friends a future excursion to Cozumel.

Thank you Pancho!

January 2019

Here’s your Program for your awesome El Cielo Tour

Michael having a good time with his friends in the shallow blue waters of El Cielo Cozumel Mexico.

Alan and Lenore very excited snorkeling over a coral reef.

Marcus feeding the fish he found during his snorkeling tour to El Cielo.

Michelle delighted snorkeling on the surface of the water on a sunny day.

  1. The first part of your day

    Once you step aboard our glass bottomed boats you’ll be struck how clean and ‘shipshape’ everything is. And you’ll be delighted to realize you can understand every word our captain and crew say.

    Feel your excitement explode as the powerful eco-friendly engine revs up and we cast off to begin your adventure of a lifetime!

    You hardly notice the short trip to the Marine Park because you’re absorbed in the crew’s demonstration of how to use the high quality snorkeling equipment.

  2. Next on the trip...

    You’re kitted out and ready for your first dive to see the beautiful Columbia Shallow Reef and the Palancar Gardens Reef inside the closely protected Cozumel Marine Park – where very few other tour boats are allowed.

    And, no matter how many times you’ve snorkeled before, nothing will have prepared you for the dazzling beauty you see in the warm, crystal-clear waters below – a stunning panorama of bright corals, astonishing sea plants in vivid colors and amazing shapes and fish so exotic it’s hard to believe you are still on planet Earth.

    And you’ll really appreciate just how exclusive our tour is because you’re unlikely to see any other snorkelers apart from the few from our boat.

  3. Then you will quickly find...

    All too soon, it’s time to get back on the boat for our short trip to the other reef. But there’s time enough to sit in the shade and excitedly discuss with the other snorkelers what you’ve all just experienced.

    And after a cool drink, you’ll be more than ready to get back in the water and inspect our next reef, aptly named: ‘El Cielo’ - Spanish for ‘Heaven On Earth’.

  4. Later and all that fun

    So, if you thought the first two reefs couldn’t be surpassed, you’ll be delighted to realize how wrong you were, because I’ve saved the best reef until last.

    But, even when you get back on board and are relaxing with another drink in the welcome shade of our awnings, there’s still the highlight of the tour to come.

  5. After that...

    And that’s our beach party on the famous El Cielo Sandbar, to round off a memorable day. Here you’ll enjoy more drinks and our freshly prepared guacamole, salsa and chips.

    Astounded at the amazing value you’ve enjoyed, all too soon you’ll find yourself back on shore, astonished at how much fun and adventure you’ve crammed into less than five hours.

As a result, you’re probably already planning your next trip with us, like so many others before you, who return again and again.

You get all this – and much more for just...

By booking Online directly with us, we are able to keep your fees down to rock bottom, while providing you with a true five-star experience.



Age 1-12



Age 13+

Keep in mind that...

  • Cozumel Marine Park Conservation Fee is INCLUDED in the Price.
  • All Fees & Taxes included. No surprises.

Immediately after your payment is processed you’ll receive a Confirmation Email with full directions to our meeting point, and all your Reservation details.

If you can’t print the Confirmation Email because you don’t have access to a printer, simply make a note of the directions and arrive at our meeting point with your passport or any other photo ID.

Book with Confidence. My Refund Policy has you covered:

  • If there's bad weather on the day of your trip, and the harbour master shuts down the port for small boats like mine. I will give you a FULL REFUND.
  • If you are coming to Cozumel via Cruise Ship, and your Cruise gets re-routed off Cozumel for any reason. I will give you a FULL REFUND.
  • No questions asked.

I hate to inject a sour note

As I’ve already mentioned, access to the fragile ecosystems that make up the protected Cozumel Marine Park is severely limited.

Paul amazed by a starfish he found snorkeling in El Cielo Cozumel.

Despite this, the eco-friendly nature of our high end glass-bottomed boats, fully equipped with shading and comfortable seating for 22 qualify us to operate ONLY 3 boats.

However, despite being licensed to take 22 passengers, we restrict most parties to 12 so you enjoy maximum comfort and close personal attention at all times, particularly when snorkeling. It’s almost like a private charter.

So, between our 3 boats, we can take a total of 36 passengers.

And, because we are one of very few businesses able to provide the highest quality snorkeling experience and most of our clients come from the cruise ships, bringing in around 20,000 cruise visitors daily - we tend to get booked up lightening fast for every day of the week.

So you now have to come to a fast decision

You can either pause and take ages to ‘think about it’ only to come back later and be dismayed to see your choice of day has been taken.

That means, if you only have that one day for your trip, you’ll either have to forgo the trip entirely or have to settle for a second rate trip which will NOT include the marine life rich reefs of Palancar Gardens and Colombia Shallow Reefs plus the beach party on the beautiful ‘El Cielo’ sandbar.

Instead, you will have to make do with the relatively barren reefs that most tour companies visit which were not considered spectacular enough to be part of the ecology-rich Marine Park that we are licensed to visit.

What’s more, the general tourist area is not protected like the Marine Park, so there is a quite marked difference in the quality and quantity of the marine life.

And the chances are high you will be crammed onto a boat (that might not even have a glass bottom) with 20 or more other folks, severely limiting your enjoyment and perhaps you’ll struggle to understand your guide’s broken English.

Larae and her brothers very happy taking a snorkeling tour.


Mattie amazed by the colorful fish she found in a reef near to El Cielo Cozumel.

You can make the smart move and decide right now which day you want to become the memory of a lifetime by booking our El Cielo Snorkeling Tour that visits the awesome Cozumel Marine Park with its spectacular marine life and finishes in a setting to die for – the aptly named ‘Heaven On Earth’.

Then, once you’ve made your booking, you’ll experience a wonderful feeling of calm, because you’ll know you’ve made the right choice.

So you can relax and look forward to that magical moment when you step onto our boat.

I and all my family are eagerly looking forward to welcoming you to Cozumel and showing you our wonderful Marine Park first hand!

Alberto Novelo

El Cielo Cozumel Snorkeling Tour

The Summary of our El Cielo Snorkeling Tour in Cozumel

El Cielo Excursion Highlights

  • 3 different stops (2 Shallow Reefs + El Cielo sandbar).
  • No previous Snorkeling experience necessary.
  • Instructions and assistance with all aspects of Snorkeling gear and safety.
  • Small groups with personal attention.
  • Our meeting point is next door to the Cruise Pier.
  • Yes, our Guides speak English.
  • Your choice of 2 convenient start times: 9:30am; and 11:00am.
  • Our Trips in two words: No Worries.

You get all this – and much more for just...

By booking Online directly with us, we are able to keep your fees down to rock bottom, while providing you with a true five-star experience.



Age 1-12



Age 13+

Keep in mind that...

  • Cozumel Marine Park Conservation Fee is INCLUDED in the Price.
  • All Fees & Taxes included. No surprises.

Immediately after your payment is processed you’ll receive a Confirmation Email with full directions to our meeting point, and all your Reservation details.

If you can’t print the Confirmation Email because you don’t have access to a printer, simply make a note of the directions and arrive at our meeting point with your passport or any other photo ID.

Why should the best be reserved for others and not you?

Haven’t you worked hard to afford this trip to Cozumel and so don’t you deserve the best that is on offer?

But, despite enjoying our fair share of the very limited licenses empowering us to enter the beautiful protected area of the Cozumel Marine Park, we often have difficulty coping with all the bookings from the 20,000 cruise passengers that arrive in Cozumel daily.

I’d bitterly regret it if – now you know what a wonderland the Marine Park is – your hesitation in booking means you are denied the full experience only a PREMIUM snorkeling service like ours can provide and you have to settle for second best.

Allene and her boyfriend swimming in the blue waters amazed by the marine life.

So I strongly suggest you check the availability on your chosen day - right now – and then go ahead and book your seats.

I’ll leave the last word to Michelle Johnson …

Michelle​ ​Johnson
Nashville, TN. USA


Alberto provides an excursion like few others. He takes care of the details so you enjoy a carefree day of snorkeling and basking in the clear blue waters off Cozumel.

So, if you are looking for relaxation and the chance to see things you only imagine or see on TV this is your guide.

Alberto makes it fun and when you get back you want to go back out the next day...with Alberto... Enjoy the trip. Can't tell you all we saw but we saw a lot including a nurse shark and sea turtles.

January 2019

Check availability here while there’s still a chance to get on board!

Frequently Asked Questions

YES. The meeting point for cruise passengers is located directly across the street from the Cruise Pier at the Marti Sporting Goods Store. It is clearly visible as you exit the Cruise Pier, being just 50 yards away.

You will arrive at the Ferry Pier, which is less than a mile from our meeting point at the Marti Sporting Goods Store. You will receive full directions with the confirmation of your booking.

Our meeting point is at the Marti Sporting Goods Store and you will receive full directions to there with the confirmation of your booking.

We set off at 9.30 am seven days a week and the tour last approximately four and a half hours.

However, if your party has a minimum of ten people, we can make a special trip, by prior arrangement, if you prefer at 1.30 pm any day of the week.

All three of our top quality glass-bottomed boats have a capacity of 22 passengers, but to guarantee your total comfort and personal attention we rarely exceed 12 passengers.

That ensures you have a wide choice of seating and you receive personal attention at all times.

But this does mean we get booked up very quickly.

So booking your seats without delay is the best way to be certain of securing your trip of a lifetime.

You can check our website at any time, night or day, and get a constantly updated completely accurate picture of our availability.

But please note, that can change in a heartbeat.

So – if you see a slot you want – book it right away. Because, with 80% of our bookings coming from the 20,000 daily cruise visitors, available slots tend to disappear as fast as a puddle in the desert.

As you are coming by cruise ship, please remember there will be plenty of other folks all trying to disembark at the same time as you. So pick a departure time at least 30 MINUTES AFTER you are supposed to dock to allow for the delays in embarkation.

You will need to catch a ferry at least ONE HOUR BEFORE our scheduled departure time. Bear in mind our meeting point is about a mile from the Ferry Pier, which is where you will arrive on Cozumel.

You will receive full directions with your emailed booking confirmation.

NO. Unlike other tour companies, the cost of your disposable one time use snorkel tube plus the Marine Park entry fee and the beach party meal of freshly prepared guacamole, salsa, french fries and drinks are all provided, with our compliments, free of extra charge.

NO. This is one expense you will have to carry, because it would not be fair to the roughly 80% of our clients who only have a 50 yard walk to our meeting point if we were to add the cost of your ferry trip to our prices.

NO. This is one expense you will have to carry, because it would not be fair to the roughly 80% of our clients who only have a 50 yard walk to our meeting point if we were to add the cost of your taxi fare to our prices.

In that very rare event, we would immediately issue you with a full refund.

Check availability here while there’s still a chance to get on board!