He trampled on her feelings.

He didn't have any bicycle.

Zombies are coming!

That's not the only reason.

It was very cold last night, so we didn't go outside, but stayed indoors.


The guy had too much energy. Everybody was trying to shake him off.

What colour is your pencil?

I have lots of affairs to look after.

She believes in the stork.

The rainy season begins towards the end of June.

The dog bit me in the hand.

Miki felt relieved.


All employees had to memorize the access code.


I received his personal visit yesterday.


There isn't any hope.

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Did you just wink at me?


Their job is to bury dead animals.


I won't be giving up.


He was naughty when a boy.

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I speak nothing but the truth.

I didn't accept to write my name.

We move as one.

Well, that's that.

He requested me to keep it secret.

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The handle of the cup has broken off.

Let me think about it a bit longer.

I wasn't expecting you to do it for Spike.

The baby has been crying for a long time.

That sounds very cheap.

It's really hard.

Morris is twice as old as me.

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What's the point of your question?

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It's a win-win situation.


Do it this way.

The movement of the sun around the earth is an illusion.

Not only he but also his sisters went to the movies.

I can't marry her.

Gabriel started running.

I don't know where I should look.

Now would be a good time.

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A lot of people went by on the main street.

They bought a few pieces of furniture when they got married.

Eleven o'clock is good for me.

There is a wide gap in the opinions between the two students.

You can do that tomorrow.


I'm going to be out today.

I like taking a walk in the forest.

They were after him.

I thought it might be useful.

You won't be able to forget me.

"What is your relationship to him?" "I'm his father."

We can't tell him.

Now you're talking to birds.

I have a friend living in Nara.

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Do you know what Adam is up to?


Tennis is my favorite sport.

Neville is going to give us a ride.

Do you drink beer or wine?

I have lived here for six weeks.

I can't find my keys anywhere.

Dimetry had trouble deciding what to do next.

Have you ever read Gulliver's Travels?

Let me help you with your suitcases.

I wanted to get this to you ASAP.

Why should you be so sad?

His dream is over.


He is close to sixty.

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I'll be there in a few minutes.

Who's your favorite jazz violinist?

It was Lao Zhang that told me this story.


We look forward to getting back home.

Novo certainly makes juggling look easy.

This is where the accident happened.


Let's eat a watermelon!


In Paris his rich host Javal, a famous oculist, offered him a professorship and a salary to direct the movement, He declined. Modest and free: such were his tastes.

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As I told you earlier, I can't help you.

You'd better get Elliott ready to go to school.

There cannot be a crisis today; my schedule is already full.

Dad, I'm taking the car out for a drive.

Have you ever been looked at as something less than human?


Can I see some identification?


We're in uncharted territory here.

School starts at nine.

We've been in Boston for quite a while.

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All I want is some companionship.

We can't all be like you.

Thank you for calling me on time.

Syd is in the habit of staying up late at night.

Jose and Kit split up after their son died.


There he goes!



I want to warn them.

Do you know English?

Diane thought he heard some gunshots.

I want you to do me a favor.

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If only there were no tests.


She explained to him why she couldn't visit him.

There's a new James Bond movie.

Did you know Barbra plays the trombone?

We stayed at a nice hotel.

It was late, so I went home.

Dory visited Australia three years ago.

Does he still have baby teeth?

Mr Suzuki teaches us English.

It's not like I have anything better to do.

I think I have a right to know.

I'm sorry, List, I didn't mean that to sound like an insult.

Yes, a man is as good as his word. But I'll just be helping, you understand. You'll have to work too.

I knew you were a smuggler.

The new model is expected to be put on the market early next year.

I received the same advice as you.


We do not need a new auxiliary language, the English language already fulfills that role.


She thinks money and happiness are the same.


She shouted that she was safe.


Kyle is working on another novel.

"Noobs," Al-Sayib stated. "If 25 people got killed by you, Dima, then they must have been noobs."

She is a member of our society.


What do you think we gonna do during the new semester?


I know it doesn't look like it, but I've actually gotten rid of a lot of stuff out of the spare room.


Lawrence easily guessed Marcos's password.


What's the difference between a village and a town?

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Don't stand next to the window.

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My brother named his cat Hanako.

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How good of you to come all the way to see me off!


Their job is to grow flowers.

He went on board the plane.

What you're suggesting is just not practical.


Nothing is worth more than love.

Claire is very romantic.

He leaves the parental roof soon.


Forsooth, if this were in a play, I'd want my tuppence back!

I get out of the hospital next week.

How did Jiri know what was going on here?

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What did I do to deserve this ridiculously overpriced dress?

He said that he would call you later.

What are you laughing at, Joseph?

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In a civil contract, an acquittal means that one party has released the other from an agreed obligation, usually because a debt has been paid in full.

Can you describe the object?

They are running.

You said Hotta was beautiful, but I didn't think she would be this beautiful.

This pamphlet is free of charge.


Perry used to be nice.


Helen Moody was noted as a tennis player for not showing any expression on the court.

The beautiful girl has a shamrock.

Don't say anything to Sandy.

After you get to the traffic lights, turn right.

I want you to let me go.


It is said that the girl sold her body.


They rejected all our plans.