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I'm expecting visitors.


It's almost impossible to read Norma's handwriting.

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She was living alone in a hut.

Marla will turn thirty on October twentieth.

Years of practice has enabled me to keep accounts without difficulty.

You're my only joy.

Yesterday I walked to the park.

I can't sell at this price.

I slept on the couch.


Coaching is my life.

I'm having my name legally changed.

Ira was the reason Lorraine moved to Boston.


Graeme got into the car and slammed the door.

Are there any types of cuisine or restaurants that you could recommend?

Why didn't you listen to me?


They're alive.


He likes not only baseball but football as well.

Mason tried to attract someone's attention.

A fart is the tortured scream of a trapped turd.


Lots of people make that mistake.

Klaudia has been beating the drum for the project.

Bobby hid behind his mom when I said "hi" to him.

My mom had specified the chores that each one of us had to do.

She would prefer that I take the bus.

My father likes his coffee strong.

You aren't yourself.

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I'd like to have some time alone with Vince.


That movie turned out to be a dud.


Mr White teaches us English.

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Good is stronger than evil.

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Mike got back from the library at five.

Manavendra came into the living room, not wearing any pants.

When my grandmother was young, her body was very slim. Now in her old age she's grown plump.

From time to time, they went shopping together.

Nick denied it all, but facts were facts.

It's a pity you didn't come last night.

The storm was accompanied with thunder.

I thought Lawrence would be out partying with Saumya.

The world has become dangerous.


My father is an entrepreneur.

You can not depend on his word any more than on the wind.

He can get more phone numbers than I.

Because I like stinking!

I will wait until she comes.

I was not really your friend. I was just pretending.

I got my shoes wet.

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It'll just take a moment.


Some people will find his behaviour strange.

There are some good marriages, but there are no delicious ones.

The number of students who travel abroad for vacation is increasing.


Susan was not playing the piano then.

The moon is very beautiful this evening.

Could you speak up? I can't hear you.

My guess is that Jonathan isn't going to want that.

Should we wait for them?


He does not, in short, write with the candor of a man who is completely confident of his thesis.


He could hardly comprehend what she was implying.

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You got your wish, didn't you?

Why don't you call them?

I want you to wear your new dress.

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Are you too tired?

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The article is terrible.


Phill told me that I could use his computer.

I always write letters with pen and ink.

Just the same!

It turns out that Svante never graduated from college.

Too much praise will turn her head.

Donna owes Anita a lot of money.

This time we have proof.

I'm not sure Lindsey did anything.

Ninja and Ed said they were on our side.

Is there a Percy in your class?

The negotiations took place in Boston.

Sheep are raised for their wool and meat.

I don't like you any more than you like me.


Do you spend a lot of time with your friends? Who are they? Funny people I think.

I don't manage their company.

Doctor Hirose is engaged in AIDS research.

Grab the golden egg.

I live near the levee.

My parents made me apologize to Jones.

Roxana is doing some calculations.

Is she anybody?

Is that Kiki's girlfriend?


I suspect that his wife is cheating on him with the postman.

The rights you requested do not belong to us.

She said that she had met him three months before.


Spass and Kyung rented a house by the sea.


I was told you were reliable.

No one is looking after this patient.

I haven't read either of her novels.

Marshall gave it to me.

You should smile sometimes.

Have a good day at school.

The officers arrested three of the protesters.

It's been pouring here for the last few days.

Suddenly, he fell down on his back.


Jordan was interrupted.


Winnie is going to Harvard now.

I heard Elliot arguing with Lum.

I think you should be in bed.


Show me your homework.

What Rogue did was incredible.

I had to let her go.

I thought I did something to make you upset.

The athlete had a strong build.

I know more or less about the rules of this game.

"Tell me, little boy, what are you doing there?" "Can't you see? I'm crying."

I understand you're looking for a record album of nursery rhymes.

Can we talk about something else please?

He's hopelessly in love.

Here's the answer to your question.


I think it's time for me to leave now.

Hui told Petr that John was in trouble.

Jock won't be missed.

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Why did they dislike her?

Raul wants to protect me.

I sharpened one.


He likes sports as well as study.

Mikey kept his eyes closed.

You go right ahead.

I've decided to let you come back to work.

The result of his action still remains to be seen.


You can't have too much of a good thing.

I don't think it'll happen again.

An idea just flashed through my mind.

Tell them it's not your fault.

This would be a favor, which I would be pleased to return at any time.

A "renovator's dream" in real estate parlance generally means that the place is a real dump.

I like this book best.

Ahmet can't describe how fun it was.

We have an agreement, don't we?

Why should everything revolve around Isidore and Eugene?

I'd like to talk to you some more.

We have plenty of room.

I think Valentin is still living in Boston.

When Robin was a youth of eighteen, the Sheriff of Nottingham proclaimed a shooting match and offered a prize of a butt of ale to whosoever should shoot the best shaft in Nottinghamshire.

My English is anything but good.

You really need a psychiatrist.

I owe you big time.

Ice melts in water.

What sort of sandwiches do you have?

Many lacked political experience.

He should reflect on his failure.

The meeting was called off as there was no hope of agreement on either side.

Only the dead have seen the end of war.

Emperor Hadrian had Hadrian's Wall built.

We do this all the time.

I had a chance to meet him in Paris.

Antonella is a nudist.


Most of us have, to some extent, experienced being caught in a cycle like this one: Facing the browser, you hit, like you always do, Ctrl-T to open a new tab, type in the first letter of the website you always visit, and hit "enter"... just to see if anything new has happened.

Emil decorated the cake.

I laid a blanket over her.

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Will it hurt a lot?

I'm going to brush my teeth.

Are you sure this is absolutely necessary?


Much love to the children.

There is an abundance.

What time did the meeting end?

Dick passed the photo to me.

I just want you back.


He gone, Reid remained thus alone in this sentence.