ESTD: 1947


Our Corporate vision is to support multilevel section of people to meet their financial goals in a safe and secure manner...

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We started with a goal to plug the financial gaps in ever expanding society of Independent India. This commitment has...

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Sree visalam’s key strategy has been driven by innovation in every sphere of activity – building a robust product...

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We are the foremost Organisation to start with and today we have a widespread network across 31 branches in South India...


What is

"Chit" means a transaction ( whether called chit fund, chit, kuri or by any other name), by which the foreman enters into an agreement with a number of subscribers that everyone of them shall subscribe a certain sum for a certain period and each subscriber in his turn as determined by lot or by auction, shall be entitled to a prized amount.

How To Choose a Chit Fund Company?

  • See the certificate of incorporation issued by the Registrar of Companies (ROC) from the foreman of the company. (All Chit Fund Companies are required to be registered with ROC.)
  • Ask for the certificate of registration for first Bye-laws issued by the Registrar, Chit Funds, (R.C.F.) Delhi. (All Chit Fund companies are required to register the bye-laws with RCF and get the approval of the same.)

Who Can Become A Member?

Person having regular sources of income.