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Jisheng doesn't want to do anything to hurt Thuan.

We're supposed to be helping them right now.

In order to qualify for the homestay you must have an interview with the sponsors.


Once and for all, I forbid it.

He has not less than ten dictionaries.

I've got another commitment this evening.


What do I get in return?

I owe everything to Cris.

Kiki desperately needed that.

Janice touched his hat in greeting.

Tai is our driver.

It's hard to learn a foreign language.

What usually causes the pain?


Samuel was born blind.

Then we went to the theater.

That was perhaps Briggs's fault.

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Why is everyone staring at us?

You seem to know a lot.

You must follow school rules.

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Friends should help one another.


Do you want it gift wrapped?


You don't look so good.

You're a man.

Shakil is a whackjob.


Sunday is the last day of the week.

Celia is very worried now.

It's still breathing.


I'm trying to compensate.

This book is worthy of attention.

I am anxious for your success.

It is said that he was very rich.

Allen lost his parents in a traffic accident.


Mari works for a large firm.

I paid one.

An insect is a small animal and it has six legs.

Elvis looked over his shoulders, expecting to see someone.

We must draw attention to the distribution of this form in those dialects.

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Dominic didn't even try to help me.

Brodie didn't have to tell me about what happened. I already knew.

Mario will be missed by all of us.

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She was always practicing the piano.


Discussions are going on.

Let me tell you what happened to me last night.

I don't understand why people are so afraid of spiders.


I plan to tell them about you.

I guessed at her age.

There's no room for excuses when it comes to your negligence, is there?


I like Ssi's personality.


This investment fund only invests in ethical companies.

I have some news for you!

Phillip started to like Mayo more and more.


I've given you everything I can give you.

You're not finished here.

Hitoshi has been stealing from us.

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Teaching asks for a lot of patience.

I can't ask her to quit.

I have already done my work.

We'll continue the discussion later.

If native speakers of Turkish contribute new, natural-sounding sentences in their own language or translate into Turkish the non-Turkish sentences which they can fully understand, then Tatoeba will become an even better resource for everyone, for example, who is learning English via Turkish or learning Turkish via English.

Anatoly really wants to lose weight.

Don't judge people from the way they look.


If the loser smiled the winner will lose the thrill of victory.


Fortunately, they escaped the danger.


He was born so poor that he received hardly any school education.

The returning soldiers were commended for their bravery in battle.

He'll be back in ten.


Let's see what we're dealing with.


I'm truly sorry for what I said.

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I'm sick of your hints.

Her explanation of the problem added up to nonsense.

A red dress made her stand out.


I almost died after hearing this.


Eliot is sending Louie a message.

The whole city is covered with snow.

I think we are happier than most people.

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Would you sing us a song in French?

It was really just a misunderstanding.

She died yesterday.

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I am lazy.


You're being very unfair.

The train left the station a few minutes ago.

You shouldn't read magazines that are harmful to you.


It's only a temporary fix.

He's loaded.

This is all rubbish.


Everybody likes to be appreciated.

I am not so stupid as to deny its great beauty.

Raja is the cuter of the two.


Something is odd here.


List had nothing else to say.

As a young girl, she wanted to become a professional tennis player and, at one time, was a ranked player on the junior tennis circuit.

That's a nice suit.


Jones doesn't have to tell me what to do.

Germany isn't Kurdistan.

You are not less pretty than her.


You won't have to babysit tonight.


A new president has just been elected.

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They are some of the most untrustworthy people I have ever met.

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The environment must be protected.

Elizabeth said he had a headache.

I think we can catch them.


The river runs parallel to the main street.

He is destitute of experiences.

Everyone should get out of here before someone gets hurt.

Do you have rice?

The woman is pregnant.

Everyone's relieved.

Sandip told me you think I had something to do with this.

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Tell them to stay put for now.


She could not but worry about her daughter.

Hopefully, being ridiculous doesn't kill you !

Juergen and others digitized about 200 books and put them online for free access.

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Amigo sneaked into a warehouse to steal spare parts.

We elected Sofia chairperson.

Galen knows what those are used for.


I have to go tell Lynn about what happened.

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I told the policeman everything I knew.

Your conduct is disgraceful.

Just back away.


Give me a minute to catch my breath.

There goes my class teacher.

It's kind of funny.

You should check on them.

Some of us have to work.

The result was what I had expected.

Non-smokers are rallying behind the new anti-smoking law.

They have a nice house.

You're looking real good.

Our teacher advanced the date of the exam.

Who made this song popular?

Isn't that important?

At the most, the trip will cost $1,000.

I don't expect help.

I didn't know you were unhappy here.

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Farmhouses have barns.


How are you going to pay for that?

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I know that there will be a lot of good food at the picnic.

Why would Lorien be angry at you?

Ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies.

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My neck still hurts.


Don't wait dinner for me.


I won't make a lot of money from that job.


Let's try this.

That's a lot to remember.

You look so different.

What examples of behaviour would you consider typically masculine?

I believe nobody. I don't believe myself. I'm a hopeless man.