This day has been for shit.

Switzerland is called "Svizra" in Romansh.

You'll see him.


I like your friend very much.

What do you think we need?

No swimming unless a lifeguard is present!


It's unlikely that a hacker could get into our website.

Do you often go shopping?

I forgot to turn off the TV before going to bed.

Aimee wore this.

As he had worked longer than usual, he felt tired.

Would you like to listen?

Do you usually have tea for breakfast?


They said it would lead to civil war.


I told Aaron on the phone I can't help him.

Gasoline costs more in France than in the United States.

There is no third possibility.


Apparently, Kee is going to a university in Boston.

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You're not a very good cook, are you?

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"What shall I do?" I said to myself.

My brother is not as tall as I was two years ago.

I'm on the pill.

The light came on suddenly.

Jerome says he doesn't want to go to school today.

Will you fill out this form, please?

I'll ask whether he wants another drink.


You might get lucky.


You aren't telling us everything, are you?

Do tell!

I cannot believe you used to be blonde and tanned.


The cake is shaped like a tree.

She pretended not to see me.

Virtue can only flourish amongst equals.

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His composition is by far the best of all.


Do you have enough money to buy what you need?

I've left that line of business.

I cannot make out what she is driving at.


Cathryn and Stephe drifted down the river in their canoe.


You make too much of the event.


I can't quite place his accent.


I don't think Arne has a girlfriend.

There's been a lot of discord in the office lately.

Tigger almost never wears a hat.


That would make it impossible for him to save face.

Can't Rick get someone else to do it?

It's bad manners to make a noise when you eat soup.

Srivatsan sharpened the knives.

You'll be sorry for this.

Joel slammed his door really hard.

You don't have the qualifications to lead a group.

Piete could've been the one.

Do you think you could make it before lunch?


He is a man of firm character.

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It's a red herring.


We're staying in different hotels.


For you, failure is the only option.


The pain caused by love is much sweeter than any pleasure.

My father gave me a lot of money.

Fresh snow brought about a festive atmosphere.

You can't keep doing this to Tarmi.

Next week the electrician is coming to fix the wires.

Can you come on Sunday evening?

We'll wait until 2:30.

My father is to visit Korea next week.

You should've seen her.

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Use only in case of emergency.

You're the one with all the money.

I just want a quiet drink.


Don't let the soup get cold.


I heard someone yelling my name.

He returns from Boston tomorrow.

She winked at me as much as to say she knew everything.

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I still can't believe it.

Does he live here?

You're lying now, aren't you?


Take the garbage out.

We were in fits of laughter when the cat twirled around the room chasing its tail.

I bet that he'll accept your proposal.


Who made the decision?


His down-and-out beginning in Paris was really hard.


This is my house in the winter.

It was cheaper than I thought it would be.

That's strange.

Brian pretended he didn't know Rabin.

A man cannot be made in a mold.


Please wait around for a while.

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I have a rash around my anus.

He speaks English as fluently as if he were an American.

From the hotel, we could see the entire park very clearly.

My father has just returned from abroad.

A boxer regained his consciousness ten minutes after he was knocked-out.

She managed to get by the crowd in the park.

When was the last time you contributed to this project?

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I appreciate the thoroughness of your report.

Over time, wave action undercuts sea cliffs and thereby causes them to fall into the ocean.

He found it difficult to solve the problem.

Hold on for a while, please.

I have a pain in my neck.

I think your hypothesis is correct.

I will make him go.

I play the piano.

I can't talk to Cory now.


Whoever has ears to hear, let him hear.

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Takeuchi doesn't know the difference between astronomy and astrology.


I'm saving this seat for him.


He doesn't have a clue about anything. But he still has an opinion about everything.

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Both of my parents died when I was five.


It's a little like that.

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A diligent man will succeed in the long run.

Just leave Patrick alone.

Are there taxis around here?

I had no idea you didn't know how to swim.

Some dairy farmers play soothing music to their cows while they are being milked, because relaxed, contented cows give more milk.

He refused to say more about that.

The police officer advised us to leave.


I must work hard to pass the test.

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Art wants that.

I came with Bernard.

Willie hated his parents.

Hwa came to blows with a colleague at the office Christmas lunch.

I won't work overtime today.


They are good friends of mine.

I don't like this any more than you do.

Dan is a good name for a hamster.

She twists around at a voice behind.

She likes these cats.

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He will try it.


Try it out yourself.


We need a goal.


That is Pierrot's sister.

Brahe catalogued over 1000 stars.

Bonnie is strict.


Waking on the street, he met Jim.

Let me tell it!

Stay for lunch.

This stain won't come out.

Did he write it with a pencil?

I'm going to buy you something.

Interlingua's main source languages are Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French and English.


Help me and I will help you.


She likes her life.

Focus on the details.

My father isn't reading a book now.


Maybe this is a bad time.

They are able to retire while fairly young and enjoy the lifestyle of their choice in good health.

He should get to the office in an hour.


Rather than getting depressed, I'd probably feel hatred towards her.