The meter per second is the SI unit for velocity. Its symbol is m/s.

You need to stop ignoring email messages from Deborah.


Gregory is older than you.

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This tree bears a lot of fruit.


I fought my hardest.

I got a letter from her.

I read your letter yesterday.

Something bad happened in Boston yesterday.

I read the poem for my child.

They have preserved the building.

I want you to stop looking for Think.

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When it comes to sports, John is very good.


In Japan, practically every family has a washing machine.

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Try as you may, you will find it impossible to give up that habit.

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Men are proud of their genitals.


Tell her in person.

Mr Shrek of the swamplands lived happily in the backwoods until an adventure came knocking at his door.

In a crowded train, I make it a rule to give my seat to old people.

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I saw a man knocked down by a car.

Their father had a large shoe shop in the town.

What time do you get to work?

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She ate one apple.

Have you ever eaten in a restaurant alone?

She reached her goal.


I wonder what Brendan will think.

I bet Nadeem has never even been to Boston.

Skip wants to party all the time.

In bad weather, one can easily catch a cold.

People here love you.

I don't even have a job.

It's nice of you to give me a ride.


You're always staring.


Are you going much farther?

I'm not very busy right now.

Let us know if you can make it.

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What have you two been secretly up to?

We cannot thank you too much for your help.

Stop talking like a fool.


What were you doing at 9 o'clock last night?

The man walked similar to Danielle.

Japan has many distinctive traits.

Orville is Presley's ex-wife.

Do you have something to tell me?

He decided to put off his departure.

Lynnette went without eating for several days.


That'll be helpful.

According to a study conducted by the Parenthood Foundation, the percentage of young people having unprotected sexual intercourse is on the rise.

The orange is orange.

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You can still get that finished before 2:30.


I am suffering from a bad cold.


Leon tried to kill me.


Stop being fucking retarded!

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Don't bet on that.

I've got to go and get her.

Graham won't be wearing a tie.


When a man loves cats, I am his friend and comrade, without further introduction.


Michael said he knew where the body was buried.


Steel is quenched in cold water after having been tempered by heating.


The answer misses the point.


They finished their meal.

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What do you expect to find here?

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Was my letter sent?

All you have to do is decide.

I think Michel is trying to say something.

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I stood in line yesterday to get to the lab to do blood work.

Will you go there?

After talking to Nathaniel for a few minutes, it became obvious that his French wasn't very good, so Anderson switched to English.

I haven't had time to do that yet.

The liver is no longer functioning.

That makes sense.

He fancies himself as an artist.

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The ribbon doesn't match the dress.

There you are! I have been looking all over for you.

The Spanish economy is falling apart.

She'll spend the next four years in prison.

Only the tip of an iceberg shows above the water.

I bought milk today.

Would you mind waiting out here, please?

Despite me telling Sharon not to open the door, he opened it.

It looks like we've gotten ourselves lost.

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Boston is almost three hours from here.

She comes from a mixed family.

He insisted that I join him.

2. Cut the daikon into long sticks.

Sports activities require a slender figure.

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Please leave this room.

"When did Mr Ogawa arrive?" "Ten minutes ago."

Albert was scared Pam would shoot him with her father's rifle.

Ira ran to Jess's office.

I want to live in a town.

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The car I rented from you has a problem.

You heard Lucius, didn't you?

I'll take that as a compliment.

Money is the last thing on his mind.

That man is dead.

We should determine what is to be done first.

I think I know what needs to be done.

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Who told you I was Canadian?


That's not exactly what I meant.

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Cindy can give you advice about that.

Did she forget her money?

There is no future without hope.


If the first chapter is any indication, this book has the makings of a best seller.

You cannot be too careful of traffic when you cross the road.

Liza went out in a hurry.

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I think you've been seeing too much of Marcia.

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Herve felt Betty's forehead to see if she had a fever.


I guess I waited too long.

Life is by no means a series of failures.

Animals run.


Gretchen is tired of people always telling him that he looks like his father.


Take it home.

Please be careful not to let the dog loose.

This type of person isn't interesting.


We are enthusiastic Hanshin Tigers fans.

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I must bear that in mind.


Did you cook the potatoes in their jackets?

What was the problem with your car?

Vincenzo often argues with his wife about money.

I advertised my car for sale.

I hardly ever throw food away.


Keep it clean.

The race developed into a free-for-all but Shinomiya lapped the group and in the final stage steadily piled on points with good timing to achieve victory.

I haven't finished this yet.

I have a dentist appointment at 2:30.

As a last resort, we can stay at my sister's.

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I cannot say how much time passed.

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Often the fear of one evil leads us into a worse.


I have two classes tomorrow morning.

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I always take a bath in the morning.

You can find him at the rifle range.

Pilot didn't scare me.


We have to be ready not only for a straightforward test of strength, but also for a struggle in which every strategy comes into play.

They didn't hear the children.

What was Ernest doing at school?


Give the car a push for me, will you?

Can I touch your hair?

Vassos couldn't think of anything else to try.


My mom married my dad in the 90s.

The game was very exciting.

Nathan came here.

He is smart.

We're working on the arrangements.

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Mathematically, everything's good. But it seems completely improbable to me.

Triantaphyllos got off the bike and started to run.

She cannot have told a lie to me.