Many non-Christians celebrate Christmas, too.

Gigi asked me what had happened to Bart.

I made them laugh.

Surya acquired a reputation for honesty.

He's studying French and web design.

She smoked a cigar.

Lobbyists for the bill funneled bribes into a campaign fund.

I thought it was strange that he didn't turn up.

Don't ever call me that again.

The baby transferred its affection to its new mother.

Mastering science is an ardent wish of our youth.

Liz sat behind his desk.

Peace cannot exist without tolerance and respect for diversity.

Would you like to know how I did that?

The responsibility is mine.


We find comfort in traveling.


Don't miss it.


Has Ted always been overweight?

I paid nothing.

Yumiko belongs to the tennis club.


Wouldn't it be great if a gender-neutral pronoun for "he" or "she" existed in English?

Do you think Louiqa is unreliable?

It's difficult to ascertain the meaning of a hapax legomenon.


Where does this flag come from?

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I think I probably should go.


Please join me in a moment of silence for the dead.

There are whole cultures where understatement is bred in the bone. In New England one hears as satisfaction: "It's better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick."

The King went away, and did not find out that a false Queen was lying in the bed.

Do you want to go to Boston?

The tribal wise man shared his knowledge with all the young.

I grasped the rope so as not to fall.

Many young men died in the cause of democracy during the war.

I want you to love me for who I am.

Have you ever taken a rest in your car?


I was right in front of Laurence.


Is it important?

Can I help you in any way?

I have three more pages to go.

You're scared to death, aren't you?

It's not going to be easy for me.

You've been screwing with them.

Are you trying to distract me?

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All that Huey knew was that Malloy was lying.

Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.

I hate you all.

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He loves to play football.

I am listening to an old song.

There are lots of laws about broadcasting and television.

I want to quit.

I'll make a pot of coffee.

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The train roared through the tunnel.

You're a threat to our mission.

William and Kit know the truth.

OK. I'm just next door so if you can get that assurance let me know.

I walked into a mirror.

What choice do we have?

There was a flare-up between local residents and state regulators.

That should tell you something.

I want to marry a virgin girl.

She wants to become a biologist to help protect the environment.

Dan Rather, a folksy longtime journalist, humorously declared: "Beware of pastries, easy credit and politicians' promises."

I don't know who started the fire, but I'm sure it wasn't Mitchell.

If the address changes, please contact us.

Mechael can speak French as well.

I splashed my face with water.

Tharen grimaced bravely.

Thank you for fixing my car, Laurel.

Pilot will probably be late for dinner.

But where do pigeons sleep?


Are you really going to do that by yourself?


I'll show you how it's done.

Mitchell tried to make Hartmann smile.

Rod was intrigued.


I wanted your opinion.

A polar bear is a rectangular bear after a coordinate transform.

Why are you trying to hide your feelings?

Well, I watch television, take a nap, or take a walk in the park nearby.

I like lyric better than epic.


Since I lived in Tokyo, I know that city pretty well.

It's the best burger in town.

I don't give lessons.

Olivier and I haven't seen each other since we were in kindergarten.

The flights were cancelled.

My car was stolen.

Soon, learning a language became as easy as taking a little pill.

Martha reads almost no books at all.

Can I have three?


Knowledge is the supreme power.

She decided to study abroad.

One is one's own worst enemy.

My cat purrs when I scratch behind his ears.

Dessert presents an opportunity for self-engorgement.


That child must be looked after by you.


Divide this in half.

What he said was brief and to the point.

He said he would come, and what is more, he said he was glad to.

Corn... ah... is the plant containing edible portions.

Somehow, Donn knew.

I'm not doing anything right now.

Can you contact them?

Do you want to play golf or not?

They respect authority.

Is there much water in the dam?

We'll let Malus worry about that.

You're no friend of mine.

What movie did you see?

Did you steal that car?

I told them I changed my opinion.

I know where you can find them.

There's someone behind her.


Brender couldn't do it, but Kayvan could.

I'm sorry that I made you stop doing that.

The world is not what it used to be.

Giovanni thought that Pamela liked him.

You don't have any idea where Neil went, do you?

We got scratched up.

Watch me now.

We will eat here.

Say it in another way.

You must succeed.

What's Loyd after?

Nice to meet all of you!

Who's the girl with you?


Happiness and sadness only last for a time.

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I adore his daughter.


I don't like the way I look.

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Manhattan is the best-known borough in New York.


I was born and raised in the Boston area.

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On what planet are you?

We were eating pizza.

I trust Jennie's instincts.

She stood up.

I could not get out.

Micheal says the pain never goes away.

It was Rudolf that told me this story.

I'm meeting Triantaphyllos for lunch at Chuck's Bar and Grill.

His sister does not go to America.

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Did anyone else help you?

I have to get my computer repaired.

The news caused a great stir.

I love secrets.

What did you ask her?

We should keep this information under wraps for the time being.

Vishal accused Bonnie of lying through her teeth.

I have an understanding wife.

After the accident, he was banned from driving.


What exactly did you tell Kylo?


Could you tell him, please?

They hired a moving company to transport their belongings to their new home.

I'm about tired of this quiet life.

That is an excellent idea!

Svante peeked inside.

Yawning in a meeting is not polite.

Ben doesn't like it when Patrice criticizes him in public.

The instinct for survival is inherent in every living thing.

Chet doesn't know I'm here.

Iran is the eighteenth largest country in the world.

I need Ravi for a moment.

Why do you come here?

It's a bit tricky.


Fear your own shadow.

Mayuko came up with him.

Could Erik be involved?

I can't believe it either.

Do you really love me?

Phillip is going to paint his car.

The usual business hours in this office are from nine to five.

What's this anglicism?

They devised a scheme to make money with little effort.