That's really odd.

Do you want to hear the truth about this matter?

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I played with the champion.

A special tax was imposed on imported cars.

Metin should come with me.

The profits were very high.

Please let me go and see him.


I know what that means.


Am I the only one?

She got happy.

The national Brukenthal Museum is the first museum that opened officially in Romania.

Rogue is delusional and dangerous.

Hurt people hurt people.

Our constitution was drawn up under American guidance.

Juergen only had three dollars left in his wallet.

I'm going shopping at the supermarket.

We used to fight a lot.


Is Lila going home?


Graham didn't go home last night.

Damon is being very selfish.

In fact, I am happy.


It is absurd to try to persuade them.


Check out your options.


What The gave me wasn't enough.

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I'm sorry, I don't let in people I don't know.


I'm a musician.


My sister has been knitting since this morning.


It's nine o'clock.

As I left the brothel, I was embarrassed to be seen by my friends.

I'd like to make a collect call to Japan.

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I'll introduce you to them.


Don't be afraid, Shadow. There's no need to worry.


May I present this to you in token of my appreciation?


She thinks about his next trip.

There is no reason why he should be dismissed.

Do you need something else?

I'm on a top secret mission.

I'm about to tell you the answer.


Why are you so angry?

Many bad things have happened.

Dan got angry and stormed out of the dining hall.

Ted is very good at French.

Effective decisions are based on the analysis of data and information.


How long have you worked in this place?

Seeds unsown do not grow.

I don't need any counseling.


She started at the top.

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Nancy is especially known for his tragic roles in motion pictures and at the theatre.

Is there a cat on the table?

Don't worry about the work.

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Her nose is big.

I want more detailed information.

The earth is a ball.

That's because they're the classic places for 'something' to appear. Like the grand piano that plays by itself, the human anatomical model that moves by itself ...

I'd like to ask a favor.

Thanks for your time.

Think of the starving children.


Len shook everybody's hands.

I really need to be alone right now.

She knows what to do now.

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We're very confident.

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Come on, don't be silly.


Are you still working for her?

That was super fun.

I used to play with Pim.

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Winter came.

He cannot be a poet.

I hope to see his picture soon.

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Listen to what I have to say.

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Sabrina isn't old enough to understand this.

I've found this website to be extremely useful.

Kees lost interest in his job.

Lorenzo was wondering whether she counted for Nicholas as a mere word or as a real person.

A favorite tool in dealing with blatant racism is blatant ableism.

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What did they offer?


The priest gave me his blessing.

Work is behind schedule.

That was wrong.

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That did the trick.

We're going to miss Mann a lot.

He grew up in a military family.


When I'm home alone, the house is too quiet.


We have everything we need now.

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My family lived here for twenty years.

I wish to leave.

The company is bringing out a new kind of sport car.

Mr. Smith left Japan this morning.

I want to know who did that.


Marriage is a good institution, but I'm not ready for an institution.


What would Charles pack?

My father's hobby is growing roses.

I assume that was Miles's wife.

The nation was growing.

Leif is ready to go out.


Daddy, I can't walk any more. Could you give me a piggyback ride?

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I tried to help her, but there was no way I could.

Is Sabrina still working?

Mom wants to go there, but Dad wants to watch TV at home.

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Give her a hand.

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I need you here.

Go with who you want to go with.

It won't do any good to lie about it.


Taro Ito was found guilty.

They trusted her.

I've decided to go into business for myself.

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The mathematical constant Pi to 5 decimal places is "3.14159."

Oh, by the way, I have something to give you.

I'm the owner of this restaurant.

I like taking a walk in the forest.

Gregge has a cough.

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The man was bitten by a dog.

I don't want them to leave.

Science will not solve all of our problems.


We will start tomorrow, weather permitting.

I think ambition is good.

It is no use your trying to persuade him.

What do you want to do after you finish college?

I know you've got some problems with your mother.

Suyog looked a little angry.

People dress colorfully in that culture.

I'm heading towards Boston now.

Tolerant wouldn't lie to me.


They have one too.

It looks like Earnie has a crush on Mark.

We need Kay back.


We'll have to check every one of them, Brandon.

What are you guilty of?

My friend and the shop clerk had a fight. My friend said he didn't break anything and the clerk said he saw him.

Everyone in the room recognized Kurt.

I am like my brother.

The dog ate the bone, which I gave him.

I read four new books.

That man is a man content with his fate.

Srivatsan said he had a stomachache and left the room.


I need to buy more anti-static sheets for the clothes dryer.

We can't go into that now.

Why does it draw out lunch every day?

They paid five dollars for the food.

She helped the elderly man cross the road.

He is a creep.

This is a good book, but that is better.


I guess you don't recognize me.

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And we know the government can't solve every problem.


There are many fish in this lake.

I can understand written Spanish just a little but spoken Spanish is Greek to me.

It has nothing to do with us.

The curry they serve in Japan is milder than real Indian curry. They adapt it to Japanese tastes.

Are you sure Diane won't be here until 2:30?


You look like Grant.