Naoko is good at swimming.

Is there a big rush?


You are not going to eat this apple, it is rotten!


Mwa began to sing his favorite song and No harmonized with him.

I didn't mean any harm.

One way or the other we made him understand it.


My father abides by what he said.

Your brother's awfully grown-up for his age.

Why didn't you ever say anything?


Penny wanted me to hold that for him.

You don't know how to drive as well as I do.

Metin is thinking about moving to Boston.

Ever been to Muskogee?

I'd like to be in Boston right now.

Where could they be?

This has never bothered me until now.

I think you need to tell Gil that you love him.

His vain efforts to seduce her showed he was barking up the wrong tree; she was a mother of two tots.

I gave away the table because it does not fit in the living room.

Can't you divorce fantasy from reality?

Can you see Nathaniel?

I'm glad you changed your mind.

They crossed over the bridge.

I just spoke to her.

How can I sleep?

Just look at those good-looking men!


Kyoto is worth visiting.

"Gee, it sure is boring around here." "Link!" "I'm back." "Where did you go?!" "He must've gone to the island of Delphino, Your Majesty." "...My boy, you're in HUGE trouble."

You can borrow three books at a time.

Andre stared at Hirotoshi in astonishment.

Robert's medication's not in the bathroom.

Why did you buy a British car?

Sean isn't thin.

The kidnappers blindfolded me.

Columbus's Law of Discovery states: If you discovered something BEFORE Christopher Columbus, then what you discovered does not exist.

He is about to leave.

I know you're busy.

As soon as she saw me, she began to weep.

I thought you liked it here.

Did you volunteer us?

Nancy never fails to write to me once a month.

I met her at the station by accident.

I'm losing faith in you.

Clay can't stop Vinod from doing that.

If I'm not going to the party then I'm not doing anything specific anyway.


The entertainment expense was borne by our group.

He's rich, young and handsome.

Tareq insisted on going there.

Are you in this picture?

I saw Antony running down the street.

I've drawn a map.

I dropped them off at Kanda.


Ronni is still in Australia, isn't he?

Do you know of any inexpensive stores?

Find out if anything has happened to Paul.

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Cindie made his company lots of money.


The adventurer grabbed his Uzi and set out to find the man responsible for stealing 12 million Mexican euros.

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Gene gave Van a pipe for his birthday.

The teacher admonished us that we should be silent.

To my surprise, the child came here by himself all the way from Yokohama.


We need to cancel the meeting.

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The weather is very hot.

Let's go home!

He used me as a guinea pig.

The results did not fulfil his hopes.

Do you want this back or not?

They say that Isabela died.

Allan said he's trying to hide Marcos.

The men have mustaches.

They buried him in his grave.

Please put a cassette in the VCR and press the record button.

They're too busy to talk to you now.

She watched him eat.

No one says "I am plowed", but in the third person it is "the land is plowed"; bibo "I drink", bibitur uinum "the wine is drunk"; manduco "I eat", manducatur panis "the bread is eaten"; laboro "I work", laboratur uestis "the clothing is worn out", et cetera.

I admire Saiid very much.

I should get back to the hotel now.

He had already spent two hours lecturing when she came in.

Fletcher knew what Kanthan had done.

I'm done up.

I'm more interested in spoken English.

Will you go out with me?

Let's see how the candidate's bigoted opinions will affect the outcome of the election.


I feel like a burden to everyone.

I never really knew Jesse.

You have one mouth and two ears, so listen more and speak less.

Bach's Invention No. 8 in F major is well-known.

It will be also interesting.

I play football every day.

Knut will be back in Boston tomorrow night.

Was there much damage?

Why are you standing here?

You can meet Elaine tonight.

The motorcycle started in pursuit at breakneck speed.


He is clever enough to solve the problem.

Johann asked if he might go home early.

I want to be a child.

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People are becoming more and more aware of the dangers posed by drugs.

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Sedat doesn't seem to be as busy as Kieran is.

Try playing this scale.

What if every day were Saturday?

Ronnie's music and legacy lives in all of us!

50 cents has filed for bankruptcy.

I must find out.

I eat alone.


We don't really have to talk about this right now, do we?

I made other plans.

This is a very important day for us.

Juri got me drunk last night.

If only he could see you now.

I'll help you with that.

John asked Jacques whether she would like to go shopping.

We just need a minute.

Can you explain why Jacob isn't here?

Frankly speaking, he is more of a hypocrite than a patriot.

Terrance and Jerome are constantly arguing.

We are from Columbia.

I'm not a hypocrite.

Dick seems satisfied.

His parents are well.

You're taking on the company style.

I was invited last week as well, but it was late so I regretfully turned them down.

Christina realized that he wasn't as smart as the other kids.

I wonder what this means.


The Cornette-trilogy was named after the ice cream brand.

We'll know the real story soon enough.

We believe it.

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How long did Belinda say he was in Boston?

Were you sleeping?

Don't get angry. It won't help you.


You know I'm innocent, don't you?


Give me your other hand.

Is it necessary to live in a French-speaking country to become fluent in French?

Don't try to do two things at a time.

What am I supposed to do about that?

I'm sending her home.


Philip is disagreeable.

When I visited Ken, he was studying.

Robin knows a lot about baseball.

I like to play guitar.

The checked player must find a way for the king to escape and block the check.

The yellow toy is little.

The stomach ache has gone away.

You should stop worrying about the minor stuff.

The wormhole is unstable.

We don't like him.

Basque is a commonly cited example of a language isolate.

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What makes them special?


Health is an important factor of happiness.


The Beurs March broke out after several episodes of racism and violence.


Someone is outside.

Little did I think there would be a typhoon.

He's a crybaby, just like always.


He was one of the unsung heroes of the revolution.

We need some now.

We aren't yet out of danger.


Avery is a really good friend.

I'm not a child anymore.

The vase that he broke is my aunt's.

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The working group on data transfer, led by Ben Manny, will hold a meeting on Jan 14, 1999.


Everyone watched Sumitro carefully.


I used to work for a small company in Boston.


Mitchell has to go shopping with his mother this afternoon.

We're not doing anything now.

He made the trip independent of his company.

What time will you be back?

This old house is haunted.

This car must go.

I pay in cash.