He leaves a widow and a daughter.

Would somebody look after him?

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She has no sense of duty.

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I know you don't want to hurt me.


Thank you for finally explaining to me why people take me for an idiot.


Do you want my advice?

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We are always hungry.

He frankly pointed out my faults.

We have to call him.


You shouldn't do things by halves.

You have to be extra careful around him.

This could be important.

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We found a glitch in the program that will have to be dealt with before we move on.


I am throwing up.


Look at what she brought for my birthday party!


Mat was in the third grade at that time.

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Terri was seduced by Antonella's impressive language skills.


Let me talk to her first.

Any goods can be supplied at a day's notice.

Departmental disagreements led the corporation to split into five separate companies.

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I can't think of a thing.

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Jong is growing more concerned by the minute.


Can't we just be friends?


Carbon dioxide is not a poison in itself.

He told me that he had received a lot of phone calls.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask them.


I refuse to eat an animal that I wouldn't dare to kill myself.

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I hope it rains.

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I've never seen one like that.

This sentence contains several mistakes.

For my birthday I got a music box.


She studied abroad in order to brush up her English.


What kind of manager is Dirk?


I will be watching TV about this time tomorrow.

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Why was Marika so interested in Japanese culture?


Eat everything on your plate.

According to the radio, a storm is imminent in the North.

I won the event.

Now I know better.

I just wanted to remind you to pick Patrick up after school.

We can make our destination by evening.

Have you ordered the pizza?

I use Twitter.

He sprained his ankle.

Stacy put on some sunscreen.

They're discussing their next project.

Turkey did not qualify in this year's World Cup.

The discussion was being cancelled.

There is no way I'm letting you do this alone.

It's the height of rudeness to talk on a mobile phone in a crowded lift.

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Please behave like an English gentleman.


I don't like that.

Cynthia helped me move.

Show me something else.


Patricio pulled something out of his pocket and put it on his desk.

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I didn't think you'd want to see me again.


Our ways differ.


When are they going to put the book on the market?

She doesn't like wearing heels.

Do you still need a babysitter for Monday night?


His chocolate is okay.

I guess I'll have to try harder.

Holly frequently has lucid dreams.


You're a good student, but you still have a lot to learn.

Duane is totally in love with Panacea.

She was at a loss which way to go.


And with me, we are yet one more.

Nigel is dumbfounded.

Monica passed the physical test.


Accept it or not, this is a debatable view.

Romain knows what's wrong.

I can't think of life without you.

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Didn't you fix the pump?

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Eddy tried hard, but failed.

I was born in Tokyo in 1968.

I had no idea that this was going to happen.


Mullingar is one hell of a town!


The police are hunting an escaped convict in this area.

Rolfe is making dinner.

The contest starts tomorrow.

I found him lying on the bed.

Everybody panicked.

We have three hours to figure this out.

My battery's at ten percent.

I don't like that sentence.

My French hasn't gotten any better since the last time we met.

He became rich at the cost of his health.

He got lost in the course of walking in the woods.

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The room was so dark that we could see nothing at all.


Nobody knows where he has escaped to.

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What is the best remedy for colds?

Straighten your back!

She stepped on a mushroom.

He jumped into the swimming pool.

Darin works at the corner store.

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Dan asked Linda to kiss him.

Winnie sat on the floor next to Cyrus.

He is ashamed of his behavior.


He as good as called me a liar.


Roosevelt was a war hero.

Anatoly is barbaric.

In grammar and vocabulary, some dialects differ significantly from the standard language.

The factory manufactures toys.

He was subjected to severe trials.

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I can speak a little.

Alison may not think this is funny.

I've been praying for this day.


This dog is our regimental mascot.

Would that have made it better?

Jerome refused my offer to help him.

How are we going to get in to see Edmund?

He has investigated the possibility of cooperation.

People have worldly passions which lead them into delusions and sufferings.

Elsa has athlete's foot.


A good soldier considers his actions.


The modernized version of the qipao is noted for accentuating the female figure.


This is in effect less expensive than that.

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We barely survived.

The last time I saw List he was wearing a prison jump suit.

He took part in the assembly.

Revised is going to die today.

I didn't feel safe.

Ben learned French perfectly studying by himself.

No made everyone smile.

Travis wished he hadn't spent so much money.

The ground is covered with snow.

Maybe I will settle down with a woman.

I'm hoping to find Jesper.

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Why's everyone looking at me?

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The trouble with the world isn't that people know too little, but they know so many things that ain't so.

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When did he get to Kyoto?

I think we have acted in good faith.

He pointed out to me the goods that were to be shipped.


The price of wisdom is above pearls.

Who ever can it be?

Why don't you just go ahead and pay all your bills?

Jackson sent a message to President Monroe.

She lives at the Gorilla Foundation in California.

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You may have mistaken Jane for her sister.

I'll bet you say that to all the girls.

It has to be me.

"Sangho, you're pretending to be asleep, aren't you?" "No, I'm asleep." "A sleeping person shouldn't be able to answer, you know?"

She is busy at present and can't speak to you.


The pretty girl in the bikini was an eye-opener on the beach.