I wanted something to eat.

He's going to visit his aunt and uncle next month.

Are you coming to pick me up?

I only wish I could be as happy as you seem to be.

Have you already chosen?

Keep dancing.

This is a very bad neighborhood.

Peter was the victim of an advance-fee fraud.

Love is the answer. But while you're waiting for the answer, sex raises some pretty good questions.

Look at that big hammer.

I will arrive in four hours.

The French word "amour" comes from the Occitan language through the troubadours, otherwise it would be "ameur".

You have to endure a lot of hardships in life.

Now let's go.

I'm not a little surprised that the policeman was arrested.

Whether something is a good idea or not is a matter of opinion.

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Varda thought it was a good solution.

I prefer not to take medicine, because I am afraid of drug side effect.

I like going fishing with my dad.

Translation is a kind of special skill.

Indeed, Japanese sweets go well with Japanese tea.


Connie couldn't go to the concert because he had to work.

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I could barely contain my indignation at her impudence.


Devon can't have done such a thing.

I hadn't waited long before he came along.

The field is full of wild flowers.

Cezanne is famous for his landscapes.

Many parents think it's important for their children to learn how to speak French.

Run, comrade, the old world is behind you!

I wonder if Kay has ever been to Boston.

Nathaniel didn't even try to help me.

Where did you buy that soap?


What, then, is this? Distrust. Guard this, cling to this.

They require extra help.

I can make a reservation.

Hazel told us where he spent his spring vacation.

What are you looking for?

I don't want to go to Boston with you.

I assume you'll be here this afternoon.


I had some work that needed to be finished.


I wanna have dinner in a restaurant.

Unfortunately, I hardly speak any French.

I hate being old.

He felt tired.

He does not have anyone to play with.

We need few words to express the essential.

The refugees were excluded from the country.


I don't make excuses. I only provide reasons.

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I was married to a man who looked exactly like your father.

This incident has made a great impact on the progress of the project.

I'm going to America this summer.

I don't want to listen to you.

This train runs between Tokyo and Hakata.

Johann seldom puts on his glasses before reading.

The most radical revolutionary will become a conservative the day after the revolution.


Our work is almost over.


Clifford should get back to work.

You won't get away this time!

My older brother wants to study abroad.

Be nice to us.

Slice the bread very thinly.

We're responsible for them.

The door was locked from the outside.

I have to speak to Vincenzo in French. It's the only language he knows.

English is the subject I have the best grades in.

I don't need money at present.

He's misunderstood because of his vulgar language.

I'll let Douglas know.

I wanted to make sure you saw that.

She cherished the child as her own.

No, I don't want to go.


Look at my ad in the upper right hand corner.

You're going nowhere.

I saw her swim.


The portrait of her was true to life.


You're the one who invited Rudolph.

Did Kanthan give you any other advice?

You look a bit better today.


I've been trying to get a hold of Harv for the last ten minutes.

I feel like Dirk is using me.

He was angry because of what she said.

What are some of your favorite movies?

Father and his companion will sow corn on the next hill.

Charlene put her piano up for sale.

I wish I could talk to every person in the world.

I just need to pace myself.

I have two jobs.


Roses have thorns.

I like to sleep-in on weekends.

Let me take your suitcase.

Where did you arrest them?

The sky's getting darker.

How many oscars did this film win?

Lightbulbs emit heat.

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Maria is rather sweet.

Your wry insolence will not be rewarded.

Get off at the next stop and take a bus headed to the airport.

I think you're drunk.

Oh, woman, you are the best wizard in the world!

We know you're busy people.

Can I wait for her here?

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What a sad movie it was!

Kerry did a good job organizing the workers.

Can we trust you?

How are you and your wife doing, now that the birds have all flown the coop?

Don't touch that book.

In Japan, it rains quite a bit during our rainy season which is from mid-June until mid-July.

Young people adapt themselves to something sooner than old people.


I'll come tomorrow night.

The two qualities are mutually exclusive.

Bring me the vinegar and oil, please.


Alan wants to know if you'll be ready by 2:30.


We're here to see them.

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The pupils absorbed all the knowledge the teacher gave them.

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How did all this start?


We've got to fix it.

I saw an old friend of yours this afternoon.

Carry this in your purse.

Would you like to improve your French?

Corey kept ignoring my calls.

It could be just right for a warm up.

He has increased his proficiency in English greatly.


It seems like the book store is also closing late.


Thuan is wearing clothes that are too big for him.

Many of the dogs are alive.

We have to find another way in.

That's not very wise.

"How long were you there?" "I was there for two days."

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She plugged up a hole.

Antonella is a realist.

We will be happy to help.

I live in Istanbul.

Of yore, when Confucius passed away, his subtle words were cut off, and when his seventy disciples died the transmission of their profound meaning diverged.


I became very attached to her sister.

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We'll get this one.

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She attempted to persuade her father.

Let's go back to the office.

He was unimpressed.

I wish you had not told the story to my mother.

I won't have time for that tomorrow.

Antony is perfectly capable of taking care of himself.

I don't expect that to happen anytime soon.

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Yamashita is stuck with no way out. His well-thought-out project was rejected and the books he worked really hard on aren't selling.

Shut up and do as you're told.

We don't want people like you.

The plumber used many tools to fix our sink.

He is in poor health.

We do it the way they demonstrated.

To tell the truth, it's a pity that you are just wandering around in the world.

She rubbed her hair with a towel.

Will you call me when you get there?

He determined to finish it alone.

She gave all her time to the study.


Japan has caught up with Europe and America in medicine.

He had so many bruises he looked like he had been rolled down a hill in a barrel.

His mother is not going to like, not even a bit, to know that he was here.

Ranjit didn't have anyone to play with.

Not merely I but also he is invited to the party.

Stupidity is the relaxation of intelligence.

Naomi studied abroad.

Thanks for the recommendation.

Hold the candle.

On August 19, 1960, the Soviet spacecraft Korabyl-Sputnik 2 carried two dogs (named Belka (Squirrel) and Strelka (Little Arrow)) into space and returned them safely to Earth.

Another problem has come up.


Our train must still wait for the arrival of yet another train.

Delbert meant a lot to me once.

The revolution has its own laws.