I feel sick whenever I see blood.

What happened after you got there?

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Will you get the phone?

That wouldn't be smart.

"I feel like..." Dima started to say. "I feel like I haven't done anything for the last 150,000 sentences."

Is he a real doctor? He talks so normally.

Soap, please.

Frogs are afraid of snakes.

You'll be safe if I'm with you.

A ghost is moving things around the house.

My niece is a nurse.


I'm afraid I have work to do.

The government in Baghdad had fallen.

I was hoping we could still be friends.

I enjoy being with Syun.

There's no such word as "can't".


Even when you're old and gray, you should be able to enjoy life.

I don't hate myself.

Everybody must be subject to law.

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This problem is not so difficult as it seems.

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I'm taking this week off.

Don't make generalizations.

You're going to be my son-in-law.

Leads was wondering how he was supposed to get around without a car.

Hurry up, and you'll be in time for school.


Renu is a gourmand.

I always wanted to be a father.

Roy might need to help Santa.


Kyle showed us how.


Would you lend me some money?


Margot wanted Robert to tell him what to do.


I had an appointment at 2:30, but I got caught in traffic and couldn't get there in time.


"Let's split the bill." "I don't think so. This date was your idea."

Must I wear a tie at work?

Kyung spends most of his time in the library.

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I'm only here to help him.

If you were my wife, I'd hang myself.

She is a good teacher, as teachers go.

He's a bodybuilder.

There is a price for always getting what you want.

That doesn't sound good.

I wasn't expecting that to happen at all.

Your story wasn't very scary.

It looks like we're going to have a white Christmas this year.

They are going to send up a rocket.

Bill is a regular fool.


I have no idea if you're being sarcastic or not, or whether you were joking or trying to make a point.

Yvonne doesn't know why Seymour isn't at school.

I live in your world.

I don't know what else to tell you.

He is the richest man in town.

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The danger past and God forgotten.


I can't imagine what my life would be like without music.


I went on holiday abroad.

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Edmond pretended that he was a doctor.


One should keep one's promise.


We'd both really appreciate it.

I think I could get used to living here.

As far as I know, Elisabeth has never tried to commit suicide.

That probably is true.

The old house was demolished.


I think I did pretty well.

Don't monkey around with my papers.

He gave up the plan for economic reasons.

I wish I could afford to buy a car.

The weather is usually hot in July.

Reid has issues.

Come talk to me.

They accompany the children to school.

I can go there by foot.


The mast broke and our ship went adrift.


We use cloth to make clothes.

Did you really dream about me?

What do you charge for lessons?

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Who does Jong think he is?

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I think this is the best Chinese restaurant in Boston.

I see no need to tell Sanjeev.

He makes it a habit of waking up early.


Dannie said he wasn't injured.

A wonder lasts but nine days, and then the puppy's eyes are open.

You won't disobey me.


Would you please lend me your dictionary?


We are all looking forward to seeing you and your family.

I am very glad to hear of your success.

Where's the guy who beat Paul?

Dawn has helped me in the past.

Stanly doesn't understand French.

I must put my ideas together before I take up a pen.

I looked everywhere.


What do you think'll happen to Olaf?

Julius seems competent.

I saw them just a few hours ago.

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Mayo has been gone at least an hour.

They'll be grateful.

Serve the coffee now, please.

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You're in a lot of trouble.


A long discussion boiled down to a realistic conclusion.

Why is my blood pressure high?

Visual learners are often helped by visual representations in their own notes.

My French is terrible.

I'm all for that.

Stay here. I'll go get it.

If we want to talk about age in English, we should use the verb "to be".

I altered my typical lunch and had a steak instead.

I think I'll have the salmon.


Little did he know what was waiting to happen mere hours later...


I wasn't paying attention.


They'll be attacked if they carelessly express an original viewpoint, so they only report on the safe options.

By the way, are you free this afternoon?

It's not too deep.

Go and talk to them.

I'll give you Vinod's address.

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If you hurry you'll be in time for the train.


Jeannette didn't expect that.

Americans who had money were afraid to invest it.

Wow, look at all this.


Move the clothes from the washer to the dryer before they start to mildew.

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I know how I am.

He never drinks except on special occasions.

The speaker's comments were highly offensive.

I'll see to it immediately.

I am ashamed to see her.


What did Joachim know?

Clark didn't remember to pay his rent.

The baseball game was put off till next Sunday.

It's three hundred miles to London, give or take ten.

Bert threw his wife's clothes in the fire.

We are not always at home on Sundays.

Why don't we all go get something to eat?

Languages belong to all their speakers, who have a common interest in utility and in beauty.

Is there a chance we'll lose our jobs?

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Leads doesn't want to live like that.


I only know him by name.

Glenn's friends all laughed at me.

What's the cause?

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Leora took off his socks and threw them on the floor.


An adverb is a word which modifies a verb, an adjective and sometimes another adverb.

The ozone layer helps protect us from ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

Who's your favorite female rapper?

One of us will have to ask Lord what he thinks.

The demonstration at City Hall started getting out of hand.


Clyde left the office early.


I have plenty of time to do that.


They all smiled.


Am I supposed to thank you?

She originated a new way of playing jazz on the shamisen.

The ship sails for Honolulu tomorrow.

Typing capital letters on a computer is somewhat tedious.

He decided to study harder.

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There is no cure for schizophrenia.

When Wikipedia states a stupidity, it soon becomes a truth.

Chinese food is no less nice than French food is.