Did you know Virginia passed a Business Tax to pay for the war of 1812? Did you know that tax is still in effect? The last I checked we aren’t fighting the British anymore. But like all taxes, once created, they are virtually impossible to eliminate. The tax in question […]


As you may know, we have been locked in an epic 3 year bureacratic cluster with the City of Richmond in an attempt to build a brewery with what we hoped would be a bad ass raw bar in RVA. Unbelievably, we are still waiting for someone in the City with a […]

Back to the New Farm-On Mobjack Bay

I am a huge fan of the local craft beer scene, local restaurants, and just about everything else our creative, entrepreneurial RVA has to offer. So what I am going to say next might come as a bit of a surprise. I am not about to follow the cacophonous herd […]

My Thoughts on Stone Brewing and Why Richmond Should Pass ...

I drive to what awaits me Cold, water, wind, life Leaving behind the trappings of another world Nature, perhaps danger awaits Shall it catch me today? Shoving off, then pushing out We reach the spot I look, then linger Overboard I go to do the work It greets me like […]

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The Chesapeake Bay Oyster is now potentially entering its newest fight in what could prove to be an epic battle against ocean acidification. The crash of the heralded Chesapeake Bay’s oyster fishery has been told countless times. First came mass deforestation during the colonial era which led to enormous sedimentation […]
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Ocean Acidification: The Chesapeake Bay Oyster’s Next Battle?

2012 was a magical year, filled with memories we will cherish forever. We chronicled some of the more poignant events on our blog in an attempt to keep you apprised of the foibles of our nascent oyster farm. Here is a brief look back. It was a year we rang […]
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A Year in the Life of an Oyster Farm

Our oyster farm has brought us sacrifice, sore muscles, countless challenges, but most of all an unrelenting joy to be alive. Not an adult type of happiness, but rather the kind of unbridled sense of wonderment you see only in a child’s eye. The Neck is a special place, no […]


Is there an oyster season? When I tell others that I absolutely love eating raw oysters at any occasion and at any time of year, my revelation is often met with some form of the following question: “Aren’t you only supposed to eat oysters in months that have an R […]

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In the adjoining picture I am about to enjoy several dozen Apalachicola oysters with my brother, Ben, in Panama City, Florida.  You’ve got to love the Redneck Riviera for its affordable seafood.  And no, Ben is not “special” despite the ridiculous thumbs up.  Well yes, he is special, but in […]

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