I don't know why I'm scared.

My income has decreased ten percent.

It's really not that bad.

I'm sure Kazuhiro will know what's best.

Gunter is eating a sandwich in the lunchroom.

How fast that horse runs!

My parents were sitting under the tree.

Sandra spent twice as much as I did.

The interactions are governed by rules.

We discussed the problem.


Torsten likes to garden.

The English established colonies in America in 1609.

Could you go there and get it?

The apple tree has a beautiful blossom.

Mariou narrowed his eyes in disbelief.

Does your girlfriend speak English?

I can get it done myself.


Nobody has ever done that.


Did you buy anything?

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Why is your mouth so big?

Doug bought it.

This statue belongs to me.

If I didn't have money I wouldn't have a house.

I plan to buy him a pen.

The horse snorted impatiently.

You had better not stay up too late.


He's always running short of cash.

How many people are you planning on inviting?

It's actually kind of interesting.

Let's throw it away and start over with a clean slate.

This is the most exciting book that I have ever read.

Grab hold of this.

He looked her in the eyes.

What Travis was saying made no sense to Siping.

That car dealership has a reputation for selling lemons.

Lester walked into the store.

I hope that the weather will be dry.

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You wouldn't have come if you didn't think it was important.

Why did you actually get divorced if you still live together?

I want you to get off my back.


She sued him for damages.


Milo is one of the funniest and most interesting people I have ever met.

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I didn't hear you coming.

At sperm banks, women seeking insemination can choose their donor based on age, height, weight and other physical features, or even by donor's country of origin and astrological sign.

I need subtitles.

It's time to get aboard.

Show me your true face.


Don't let your imagination run away with you.

I'm keen for Ireland again!

Could you do it?

They looked up to him as their leader.

His experiment had many faults in its details.

There has been an explosive increase in the demand for labor.

Of all the things Luke did last weekend, he says that windsurfing was the most fun.

Ofer wanted Stephan to read him a story.

I thought you said you could swim.


I didn't have those shoes.


My grandpa lived to the ripe old age of 97.

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I think Tad is charming.

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She could not resist the temptation.


He read the letter over and over.

We just cleaned the toilet.

I always brush my teeth after having eaten sweets.

Christophe is in a fairly bad mood now.

What do you read?


Being tired, as I was, I went to bed earlier than usual.

The crane can lift twenty tons of concrete.

Toerless is a diabetic.

The long cruel winter at last came to an end, giving place to a gentle warm spring.

I kept my cool.


I congratulated her on her success in the examination.

He disposed of the trash.

Stacy lit the oven.


Oh, woman, you are the best wizard in the world!

It took a long, long time.

There were people everywhere.

Clean the mirror.

Strange that he knows nothing on this subject.

An idea is expressed in terms of action.

I intended to have changed my schedule.

There's nothing wrong with the way you look.

Louisiana belonged to France.


Tomas likes spending time with Renu.

I need scissors.

Jack was born on August tenth.

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I felt dizzy when I got up.

Hy probably thought I was thirsty.

I don't give a damn about it!

You can stay as long as you like.

Rayan won't be eating anything else.

I couldn't spot him.

Who said it?

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Does that happen a lot?


Theodore understands what it takes to survive.

Your T-shirt will dry soon.

He looked into her eyes.

I'm sure you have many friends.

Climate change is seen by many as the defining issue of our time.


Maybe you ought to just calm the hell down, my brother.

History is nothing like what you read in history books.

My rent has gone up.


Fletcher and Cecilia are doing fine.


I wish I could figure out how to disable comments on my blog.


The hero's speech touched the entire audience.


It is necessary for you to go there immediately.

Are you going to go with her?

Toerless and Mariou both said they saw John hit Alice.


A true friend is someone who'll help you move.

The stew was not half bad.

They made cookies.

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I am frying fish.


How much free time do you have?


Now everything's exposed.

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I told you not to tell Molly.


Brenda is the most diligent student in class.

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I had the confirmation.

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He did not so much as apologize to me.

I didn't win.

See you in an hour.

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Why did you invite them?


Pierette passed the test.

I highly doubt it.

Are you texting him?


After you kill the sheep, you'll have to skin it.

He had a very heavy study program.

This road will take you down to the edge of Lake Biwa.

You'll be nice to Ro, won't you?

Where is my comb?

He accommodated the traveler for the night.

It must be a big list.


Denis has been arrested three times for assault.

We've seen this happen before.

You may leave now.


It's strange that nobody knows us.

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Mattie told Oliver he would have a new sister soon.

Have you ever heard of a Canadian guitarist named Louise Jackson?

Let me stay here.

I'm glad Rees isn't here anymore.

His troubles are not over.

I don't understand art.

I don't understand the purpose of your question.

Can you come here?

What a strange dog!

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Some of my best friends are policemen.

It blew my mind.

Fletcher cried tears of rage.

Laurel looked unfriendly at first.

"I love being told I'm cute", said Debbie, a little embarrassed.


As far as I know, he is American.


Jesse and Floyd are both on the phone.


I'm pretty sure that Erick won't cancel the meeting.


I thought you gave Dan your old jacket.

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White carpets are very hard to keep clean.