I've never trusted Kamel and I doubt I ever will.

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Are you racist?

My dog is the bigger of the two.

Dorothy affirmed that he saw a UFO.

Immensity fills me with light.

Tarmi has a son who is a policeman.


George turned down the promotion.


She stopped it.

I really like that.

It'll take some time, but eventually Raj will be able to walk again.

It's a matter of personal preference.

You will soon get well.


This is the surest way to succeed.

I'm sure you heard about Juan's new wife.

After what has happened, I dare not see her again.

Germany lies in the heart of Europe.

This book is very well written.

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Kathryn's letter didn't say when he'd be arriving in Boston.

I tried vinegar bath once or twice, I don't remember.

The old man wondered why life had passed him by.

Mehrdad likes to wear black because he thinks it makes him look thinner.

He has a fertile imagination.

Here is my phone number.

I'll do it the way you've told me to do it.


Today I turn four years old.

Vinod said you were really good at tennis.

You have not heard the children.


I'm not ready to die yet.


Elwood noted in his report that the stock market was a factor in the company's failure.

Mahesh often rings the radio station to give his opinion on the talk-back segment.

He is busy with affairs of state.

Stop torturing me. What did she say?

You should not leave the baby alone.

I have a bad headache today.

Some sick men moaned on the back of camels.


He turned his experience to good account.


I'm sorry I couldn't write to you sooner.

We went in search of an apartment.

"Stupid humans," said the squirrel.


Let's leave as soon as he arrives.

Joon returned to his hotel room.

Skip warned us that this might happen.

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The results were amazing.

I'm afraid I took your umbrella by mistake.

This law can be interpreted in many ways.

We need to help Vijay as much as we can.

The doctor spoke to the effect that my father would soon get better.

I think that's pretty obvious.

What if the problem isn't them?

We lived there for ten years when the war began.

I met him on my way to school.

My parents made me practice the piano every day.

How long will it take for the letter to arrive?

You said you had something that belonged to Roberto.

You're clever.


Were any of you here last night?

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The committee meets today at four.

Something like that happened to me, too.

Dan likes to make model cars.

This directly concerns him.

He is not a good driver.

Crowd sourcing varies from person to person.

A party of scientists were on board with them.

It'll be very, very hot.

Duke is a terrible father.


It's a good day for a picnic.


Frankly, I don't like him.

He's a food snob.

A small mouse runs with a cake.

Back in the early 20th century, many thought that Venus was a watery world. Now in the 21st century, we know that Venus is like a big misty oven.

Helge avoided Pam.


I didn't think it really existed.


Call me if you find Rajesh.

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It has to be me.

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You'll feel better tomorrow, I promise.

He stayed there for three days.

Do you need something?

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Her body ached.

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It's a pity that Arne can't come.

Please tell me what the rules are.

Murthy said that he couldn't remember the last time he saw a movie.


We didn't get caught, did we?


I never dreamed that you would lose.


He is always working from morning till night.

Consider the possibility.

The young man that you saw is my brother.

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I like what you did.

Memories of the accident are always with me.

They don't look so busy, do they?

He has got used to a new life.

I forgot that Jerrie knows how to read French.

We'll have to do a bit of walking to get from here to the bank.

I've seen pictures of it.


I'm sure we can work something out.

What kind of company do you work for?

I'm too old for this.

President Roosevelt was furious.

It will be quitting time before you get that done.


He will be free tomorrow.

A runner must pass the baton in a relay race.

Lynn asked me to be here.

Ellen was ready to go when I arrived.

He ate some sand.


I swear to you I will never do it again.

I don't remember how the story ended.

You are to blame.

Amir hasn't heated up his car yet.

I think you know who I am.

It's pretty simple.

There's no need to be ashamed.

Julie dealt with the problem.

"Fuck-suck!" cried Robert, "and what the hell should we do now?"

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He couldn't fulfill a promise he had made to his father.


Over the last decade, Estonia has reported that heroin has largely been replaced by fentanyl on the illicit market.


Lowell ignored Byron's advice.


Put down your weapons!

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I'm willing to make that sacrifice.

We haven't been here for long. We've only been here for ten minutes. We got here at 10:40.

I spoke with the minister myself.

Why, what do you mean?

The man admitted having broken into the house.

You don't have to do that either.

Do you plan to spend your summer vacation with Rand?

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You must go in the knowledge that sooner rather than later the great avenues will re-open through which free men will pass to build a better society.


You can store information if you use a computer.


Plenty of opportunities will present themselves, if only you are awake to them.

Pascal isn't talking.

I visited her in Germany.


Get off your butt and do something!


Caleb handled that superbly.

Denis's recently started a raw vegan diet, and regularly gets on his soapbox to tell people how great it is.

Chet enjoyed himself.

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He is very close with his money.


I have been waiting for a long time.

I had to do something fast.

I'm not brave, I admit; but I'm not superstitious.

I'm seriously annoyed with Saify.

A child whose parents are dead is called an orphan.


Troy was rushed to the emergency room.

Tell Hector that I want to go, too.

He doesn't know the meaning of the word "fear".

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Kamiya and Claudia are in the same boat.


He's been acting odd lately.

Stay away from the beehive.

Don't forget to call your mom.


Constant effort yields sure success.

Jimmy is guilty of murder.

You can't install cameras in bathrooms as a matter of privacy.


The matter is under investigation.


It is you who doesn't understand!

He was paralyzed by fear.

In what month were you born?