welcome to the world’s first IT field services marketplace

we are a technology startup who believes in getting our hands dirty

At Sitehands, we deliver. We deliver outcomes to customers and opportunities to local businesses who are ready for growth. Our multi-sided marketplace has opened the door to a new tomorrow. We are the Guardians of Infrastructure and we have put our blood, sweat and technology into transforming communities through IT field services.




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built to serve

Your endpoint is our starting point. Any job. Any time. Any place.

you need:

  • Scalable, burstable capacity when and where you need it
  • Consumable IT field services across primary IT domains and project types
  • Transparent and real-time pricing
  • On demand quality IT field services with guaranteed performance

we deliver:

  • Certified, deeply vetted, trained technicians and outcomes you can depend on
  • Fast and easy OnDemand IT field services
  • A global service team that delivers and manages all transactions 24/7/365 no matter how large or small
  • Standardized service catalogues and buy processes with best practice execution guaranteed
  • Real time and transparent transactional pricing
  • Sitehands’ platform enables complete transparency of every transaction

it’s fast. it’s easy.

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the sitehands way

Introducing the new standard for IT field services

The Sitehands Way has:

  • Created the world’s first multi-sided marketplace for acquiring and delivering IT field services.
  • Taken custody of the transaction by demanding the ownership of excellence.
  • We developed a proprietary platform that closes the gap between humanity and digital technology that enables a new level of field service excellence.

why it works

Sitehands takes ownership of your transaction from ticket submitted to job completed.Our transparency, technology and great people guarantee you the outcomes you deserve.

we identified the services
We normalized all IT field services, standardized their delivery, and made them available OnDemand.
we built the technology
We developed logistics and curation algorithms that power our unique ecosystem to serve providers and customers alike.
we aggregated the providers
We enrolled technicians to cover all geographic areas, and certified each one to guarantee standardized outcomes for every customer.
we standardized pricing
We created standard discoverable resources and standard discoverable outcomes. Available anywhere, anytime!

experience digital humanity

With the proper integration of technology and humanity, we’ve re-imagined lT field services.

Discover how Sitehands can serve you.